6 on 6 | November

Here on Travelling Geek Show, we are proud of our Geeky collections. So when we found the 6 on 6 challenge, created by Emma of Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder, we had to do it!

In the month of October, we shared with you 6 geeky orange objects. For this month, we share with you 6 geeky golden objects!



This is one piece of memorbilia that I wanted for a long time, and I was so excited when my husband bought it for me when we were in Madam Malkin’s in Diagon Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!



I received this keychain of Bilbo’s Acorn Button a while ago from Lily and I carry it around with me ever since! Whenever I’m in need of a little dosis of Middle-earth, all I have to do is to look at this beautiful keychain!


This is my all time favourite edition of ‘The Hobbit’. I love Alan Lee’s art in general, but there is something special about this artwork of Smaug that makes me want to reread ‘The Hobbit’ over and over again!



I always wanted a One Ring replica, so I commissioned this one to a friend of mine who visited an italian convention a couple of years ago. Unfortunately the gold is starting to look a bit spotted, that’s probably because it was the most unexpensive one, so it doesn’t have the quality of Noble Collection merchandise. Either way, I love it, since it was my very first piece of LOTR merch.


The Hobbit book illustrated by Alan Lee has been in my wishlist for a couple of years and my mom purchased it for me last May when we attended a local book convention. I love it and it easily became one of my favorite pieces of my tiny Tolkien collection!


I purchased this Golden Snitch necklace just few days ago at the Platform 9 3/4 shop in London. I wouldn’t be a good Quidditch player, but I always loved the game and the Golden Snitch! It has a special place in my heart because of the location where I got it. Wearing this necklace is a nice way to support my fandom and stay classy at the same time 🙂

Do you own any golden memorbilia that you cannot live without? Leave a comment down below!


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