5 Fandom Friday: Five Magical Potions to Always Have in the Cupboard

We already covered Fictional Foods That We Want To Try in an earlier post, but fantasy offers us even more interesting options when we look at potions. Let’s face it, if we had access to effects like these, we would keep them stocked at home for when we need them!

With that in mind, I’d like to share Five Magical Potions to Always Have in the Cupboard.

#1 – Lucy’s Cordial from Father Christmas

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Lucy’s Cordial from the Chronicles of Narnia requires only a few drops to restore health to someone on a battlefield, so even though it probably falls into the category of a standard health potion, it certainly lands on the powerful end of the scale. For me, the most important potion to have on hand is a healing potion, and I have always wanted this one after having The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe read to me as a child.

#2 – Felix Felicis

Harry Potter

Sometimes, you just need a little luck! Felix Felicis (aka Liquid Luck) can be toxic if used in high doses as it can cause extreme recklessness, but if you use it sparingly and only when needed, you are likely to be successful in all of your endeavors while under its influence.

Screen capture by @NWPlayer123

#3 – Energizing Elixir

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Imagine being in the middle of an exhausting task and suddenly regaining stamina as though you had just begun. The Energizing Elixir from Breath of the Wild comes in handy when you’re climbing a cliff or swimming, and having easy access to this potion in the real world could give you just what you need to finish what you started when fatigue sets in.

#4 – Draught of PEace

Harry Potter

The draught of peace can soothe anxiety and calm agitation. You could use it yourself when you feel stressed about public speaking or a frightening situation, or you could share it with your loved ones when they just need a moment of peace from their worries and cares.

#5 – Morgause’s Tracking Potion


Technically, the tracking potion was used by the bad guys (namely, Morgause and Morgana), but you could use it for good! I get uneasy when someone wants me to follow them instead of giving me directions to our intended destination, and this would make it as simple as following their trail. Assuming it worked on animals, you could give one to your pet to see just what they are getting their little paws into.

Honorable Mention: Egg Shen’s Potion

Big Trouble in Little China

“Drink this, you will see things no one else can see. Do things no one else can do!”


These are just six potions from a handful of properties, and we’re sure that there are plenty more excellent choices. In the comments below, please share what you would always keep in stock!

You can check out all of our past 5 Fandom Friday posts here, and we’d love to know if you have any suggestions for future topics!


Alice Plays LOTRO: A New Chapter

I started playing LOTRO in July of 2013 after discovering the world of MMORPG thanks to a fellow Middle-earth News Reporter, we actually created our own kinship and managed to do some meetups for silly group photos and things like that. My adventure started as an Elf Hunter, it was a dream came true and you would probably guess why. I mean, my internet nickname is @alicegreenleaf!

Shortly after, I started toying with the idea of playing as a Hobbit, but since I hated melee combats and I was afraid of pretty much any red dot on the map, I went with another Hunter. I played this character for months and months, completely neglecting (and then deleting) my Elf, I arrived in Moria and things started to become boring to me. Then I ventured myself in other adventures, including role-playing and getting through Moria for good but I never reached the level cap, even after playing for 4 years.

Long story short, I found myself a bit stuck lately because I loved the game but I didn’t enjoy my character(s). Also, I’m a University student, this means my free time is very tight right now, I can’t play more than one hour a day and it was very hard for me opening the game and knowing I had to do instances and things like that. Sometimes I just like to do “easy” stuff and it isn’t possible when there are no Festivals.

hobbit minstrelSince I love LOTRO so much, I did some research and I’ve read (basically in every forum I found) that the best combo for solo and landscape players is Hobbit Minstrel. I never actually played that class over level 10, so I decided to give it a try and, to be sure to stick with it, I came up with some rules for myself:

  • I’m going to complete every single quest and deed in the Shire.
  • I’m going to read the text of every quest, no skipping this time.
  • I’ll do the quests first (because I don’t want to out level too much) and the deeds after.
  • No pressure of levelling up and visit other regions.
  • Once I’ll finish the Shire area, I’ll decide what to do with my character: bring it to
  • Mordor or just keep it for social events and storage.
  • I’m going to do some crafting too.

I’m very happy with these self-imposed rules because they help me to get things easier. For example, now that there is the Farmer’s Faire, I’m not even touching my Minstrel, I’m playing with my main character because I love easy XP 😃

I’m not sure how things are going to evolve, but I needed some accountability for this little project of mine (after bothering my fellow Travelling Geek Maria for days!).

My LOTRO Project: Playing More with Alts


One of the many things we, travelling geeks, have in common is our love for playing LOTRO (The Lord of the Rings Online), we started three years ago and, even if we have super busy schedules, we still manage to find some time to play. This means we aren’t experts nor we aren’t all at the level cap, but we enjoy the game the same way.

I’m a perfectionist both in my everyday life and my online life, so having a bunch of alts created just to try different classes and races for a couple of levels and then abandoned to play only with my main character really bothered me. So I came up with a little project: #WednesdayWanderings.

The rules are very simple: I’m going to play 1 hour every Wednesday with my alt and I’m going to document my journey on Tumblr. Nothing fancy, I’m not going to go live on Twitch or something like that, I would just play that day for an hour.

My only issue was choosing an alt, since I always create my character with a sort of backstory in mind and with purpose, I love them all equally, so the choice was hard. Fortunately the people on Twitter helped me voting to my poll.

It turned out that people really dislike Men and/or Champions 🙂 but actually like Elves/Women and Hunters/Lore-masters. I made the mistake to set the poll for 6 days instead for just 3, so I spent a whole week waiting for the definitive response, while the Hunter and the Lore-master were in a continue tie.


Last week, I finally played with my super cute Lore-master Delerif and I decided to make her quest among the elves because of her class (which was officially inspired by Elrond’s character). I’m still trying to figure out the best way to manage the companion bear, but I can’t wait to level up to be able to have one of the other less common pets I always admire to the other players I stumble upon in the game! It’s definitely a funny class, it’s like having the female version of Gandalf with the staff and all the cool spells she casts. Totally new to me, since I’ve always been more a Hunter and Warden player.

Honestly, I don’t know how far I’ll be able to go with it, since 1 hour per week is such a small amount of time, but I really wanted to keep things super simple to avoid burnout.

In addition to Tumblr, I’m also going to tweet about it sometimes, so feel free to follow me on Twitter as @alicegreenleaf!

Do you play LOTRO or any other MMORPG?

Virginia is for Geeks: One Eyed Jacques

Our geeky adventures in Virginia keep us in Carytown a little longer because this little neighborhood is such a great area to be entertained and meet cool people. Last week, I showed off Chop Suey Books and this week I’m crossing Cary Street – basically the high street in Carytown – to One Eyed Jacques, a game store that’s a must stop shop for fans of tabletop gaming and newbies alike.


One Eyed Jacques was always buzzing with activity when I went in (and that was pretty regularly because in addition to getting good conversation, I could get a cold drink from the cooler up front). The patrons ranged in ages and genders because there really was something for everyone. Up near the front of the store, they sell kid-friendly and more family-oriented games like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. They even sell Frisbees and little science projects in a box!

The middle of the store is where we get into the heart of it with Pathfinder, Ascension, Dominion, every Munchkin game that ever existed, Magic cards, Warhammer figures, and more! There was even a whole section of the wall devoted to regular playing cards, with themes ranging from steampunk to zombies.


Don’t think it’s usually this empty; there were often lots of people back here playing. As it is, I still have some tables and chairs cropped out to avoid showing faces of people who I didn’t want to photograph without permission.

In the back, you’ll find loads of discounted and used games as well as puzzles, individual unpainted miniatures, and player handbooks for a whole host of tabletop RPGs. And most importantly, there is plenty of space to play!

I got a chance to speak to Rob who is the general manager at One Eyed Jacques, and he told me about their exciting plans to expand the space. This means more room for all of their inventory and a separate room for tabletop games.


I also spoke to Daniel at the front counter and he is pretty much the coolest and friendliest person; I had a great time geeking out with him. He showed off their jam packed calendar of events and recommended some other neat hangouts in the area. Basically, it is only that fact that I don’t reside in Virginia that is keeping me from visiting this shop every week!

You can keep up with One Eyed Jacques using the links below, and don’t forget to stop in if you’re in Carytown!

Facebook | Instagram | TwittereBay

Stay tuned for the next post in my Virginia is for Geeks series, because there is still more to do in Carytown!

This Week’s Lotro Adventure: Gondor Calls for Aid

It is no secret that we love LOTRO, but it has been a while since we fangirled about our digital Middle-earth adventures. So I today, I felt like writing about my recent adventures and achievements.

My main character, a hobbit hunter named Lilloa, reached level 95 recently (level cap is 105 right now). Now, I know that there are countless people that are able to the reach level cap with their characters within a few days. I’m not one of them, I like to take my time. So for me, to reach such a high level for the very first time is exciting.


Lilloa in Dol Amroth

A few days ago, I’ve purchased the West Gondor & East Gondor quest packs, because I’ve completed all quests (incl. most epic quests) in Rohan. Ever since I’ve started LOTRO, all I wanted was to see Edoras and Fangorn Forest and now I did. It feels so strange having to ‘move on’ to Gondor. For now, I’m still questing in Entwood in order to get enough Fangorn leaves to be able to purchase a huorn pet, but I’ve already started to explore West & East Gondor.

In the recent months I’ve came to the realization that I’m a landscape explorer. Some love to grind (levelling up as fast as possible), others have role-playing as their priority, and I love to explore the online world (in this case Middle-earth). So, of course, as soon as my character’s level was high enough to visit Gondor (safely), I left Rohan and explored this ‘unknown’ territory.

My first stop was Dol Amroth and I was blown away. I mean, can we just appreciate this beauty?


Dol Amroth

Afterwards, I wanted to see Minas Tirith. So I purchased a ride and spend some ‘sight-seeing’ there. Once again, LOTRO didn’t disappoint with their design (in my opinion). Just in the case of other parts in LOTRO, I love the music and how LOTRO Middle-earth looks different to Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth.


The White Tree in Minas Tirith

I’m very curious to start questing properly in Gondor and what the epic quest chain will bring.


The Citadel in Minas Tirith

Anyone of you on LOTRO? If so, which is your favorite region so far? If you could visit any place in Middle-earth (LOTRO and other adaptations) which place would it be? Leave us a comment!