Welcome to our blog! We’re Alice, Lily, and Maria, three friends from different countries (Italy, US, and Germany) who met on the internet thanks to our common geeky passions.

The Travelling Geek Show was born from our desire to gather all news, project, reviews, and obsessions about our favourite fandoms in one place. Feel free to take a look around, make yourself comfortable and leave us a comment, we’re always happy to interact!

Thank you for being here!

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lilyAs schoolkids, Lily and her friends reenacted Star Wars and Star Trek on the playground, and never even knew they were being geeky. They just knew they were being awesome! She is known to quote extensively from her favorite movies and television shows, and doesn’t care if that means belting out song lyrics.

When not writing, Lily tries not to unnerve her coworkers and family with her extreme geekery, but somehow, Tolkien, Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Merlin, Doctor Who, The Princess Bride, Back to the Future, superheroes, and Disney movies seem to have relevance in EVERY conversation.

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1508617_1580095515555235_2826334084480954333_nlongWhen growing up, I’ve always had my head up in the clouds day dreaming about adventures. Naturally, I became obsessed with movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park or Ghostbusters. The first time I’ve lost myself within Middle-earth was when I watched The Fellowship of the Rings for the very first time in cinemas.

When not occupied with studying, I like to draw, hoard books, travel around (if my bank account allows it), and pretending to be a hobbit that is attending Hogwarts in order to become a jedi knight.

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