6 on 6 | October

You might notice how much we love geeky blog series. This month we’re sharing our 6 orange geeky objects for the 6 on 6 challenge, created by Emma of Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder!



I saw this Sauron action figure ages ago, sold among various other LOTR action figures and I just couldn’t resist. It is such a fun and hilarious toy haha. The best part is that Sauron’s eye glows and makes noises when you push a button!


I wanted to own Snape’s wand for ages and earlier this year I decided to treat myself. I can’t stop looking at it and wish I had a place for it to display on my wall.



This Funko POP! Sauron is one of my favorite things ever. It was on my wishlist and a friend of mine gave it to me few months ago to celebrate my graduation. It’s so cute! It dwells on my desk so I can look at it during the day šŸ™‚

How could a pumpkin be a geeky thing? Well, I always loved Jack O’Lantern’s story, thanks to my english teacher in elementary school, and I loved geeking out about it with my friends when I was a child. We even illustrated the story and decorated my friend’s hallway one year!



Here on the Travelling Geek Show, when we talk about what we geek out about, we’re usually talking about pop culture (or at least something written in the last century). Well, I also happen to be a major geek about Shakespeare! I purchased this orange edition of the Complete Works of Shakespeare in a used bookshop when I was in college (but it’s not the only one I have).


I was racking my brain trying to think of orange things I own for this challenge, and then hubby reminded me of my recently purchased rebel pilot costume! I’m really excited to go with a Star Wars theme this year for Halloween.


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