If We Were Having Coffee | February 20th, 2017

It has been almost a year since our last virtual coffee (or tea) date so I thought it’ll be nice to sit down an have a chat. Take you time, go and grab a hot beverage of your choice and enjoy!


Photo by my fellow travelling geek, Alice!

If we were having coffee, I’d thank you for your patience. Travelling Geek Show has been on hiatus for a while because we all three needed a break. After graduating in September, I left home for, what turned out to be, a two and a half month long trip to New Zealand. Then, life happened. I’m glad for this break because I’m full of ideas and enthusiasm for this (& my own) blog again.

If we were having coffee, I’d be mean and brag about my second visit to Hobbiton, New Zealand. I thought that 8 years ago, when the Hobbit holes were nothing but empty shells, my experience was magical, but oh boy was I wrong. This time, now that Hobbiton actually looks like Hobbiton, it was beyond comprehension. I think I speak for everyone who was lucky enough to have visited Hobbiton when I say “Oh Eru, please let me live there foreverrrrrrrr”. I genuinly believe that a piece of my soul never left Hobbiton.

If we were having coffee, I’d force you to watch True Detective Season 1 so I could talk to you about it. It took me a while to stumble upon this gem, but when I finally did, I was blown away. Everything about it is a perfect storm of creativity and talent. The acting is phenomenally, the plot is intelligent and full of epic twists, the cinematography is stunning, heck, even title song is amazing! I’ve heard mixed, mostly negative, things about the second season so I’m very hesitant to watch it. I guess I’ll just re-watch the first season again and again…


If we were having coffee, I’d ask you to form a Hobbit-themed hiking gang. I love hiking, especially in the forest, but I have no one to hike with. I mean, how cool would it be to dress up as Hobbits (or other beings of Middle-earth), meet up once a month and go for a stroll through forests and fields while discussing Middle-earth and eating one Hobbit meal after another. Any volunteers?

So, what have you been up to in the last few months? Do you have any new TV series, movies, or books to recommend?

Bonus Question: If you could form any Middle-earth related gang of your choice, what would your secret handshake look like?


3 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee | February 20th, 2017

  1. gekitsu says:

    welcome back, dear travelling geeks! such a nice surprise when i came home this evening. and just the right evening for a mug of tea it is, too.
    if we were having coffee, i’d gladly listen to your hobbiton bragging and live vicariously through your travel stories.
    the hiking gang idea is amazing! that would be the perfect excuse and motivation to not only go out for a walk ‘sometime, next week probably’ (i.e. not doing it at all), but to actually go through with it. middle earth nerding and on-style meals are a very substantial bonus.
    i’d also be totally down with alice’s pie gang. how could one not be down for a pie gang?

    as for middle-earth gangs and handshakes… that’s a tough one. i’m afraid my brain’s a bit too fried for that one right now. but at least i have some things to recommend: i’m currently reading gaiman’s norse mythology book and am enjoying it quite a bit. the kind of absurd details in these stories mesh really well with gaiman’s voice and sense of humour. i’ve also devoured more unbeatable squirrel girl comics and am having way too much silly fun. films wise, i binge-watched a lot of the hammer horror films recently. this turned out very interesting, oscillating between honestly impressive and hilariously campy. (and tons of christopher lee and peter cushing, which is always a good thing)

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