Another Exciting Trip Around the Sun: Happy Birthday, Alice

Can you believe that out of all the geeks in the world, two of us here at The Travelling Geek Show have back-to-back birthdays? The party keeps going because today is Alice’s birthday!

Continuing the tradition of birthday moodboards, Lily and Maria each created collages of images that remind us of our amazing friend.



To get to know Alice better, check out her posts here on The Travelling Geek Show or head over to her personal blog — The Geeky Burrow.

What makes you think of Alice? Please share your birthday wishes in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Another Exciting Trip Around the Sun: Happy Birthday, Alice

  1. gekitsu says:

    i’m with you here: when i think of alice, i think cats, planners, all the get-things-done strategies and apps, elves, cats, tea, indiana jones (because archaeology!), and cats.

    happy birthday alice! 🙂 may your year listen to your plans, your academic life be full of revolutionary finds, and everything else filled with elves and cats for good measure!

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