5 Funny Cosplay Ideas for Halloween

Ah yes, Halloween, the best holiday of the year (at least in my humble opinion). Since I’m invited to a party with a strong focus on Harry Potter and all things magic, I’ll create an impromptu wizard costume. Now, if you’re struggling to come up with an interesting idea, here are five funny (and somewhat easy) cosplay ideas for Halloween!

1. Florida & Idaho Simposons Cosplay


Source: imgur.com

On a tight budget? Don’t worry, these The Simpsons cosplays are not only great for your wallet, but very easy to do. Just don’t forget to show as much enthusiasm as Lisa and Ralph!

2. Margarita Man


Source: geeksaresexy.com

My feelings for Jurassic World are somewhere between “nice popcorn entertainment” and “are you f*cking kidding me!?”, but hands down, Margarita Man is certainly among the heroes of Jurassic World.

3. Plato Play – DoH


Source: buzzfeed.com

Want to give this year’s Halloween a more intellectual touch? Then why not turn yourself into Plato?

4. They’re taking the Hobbits to Isengard-gard-gard


Source: dorkly.com

This is a fun idea for a family or group cosplay and a great solution to keep an eye on your little ones!

5. Scruffy Scruffington Futurama Cosplay


Image found on tumblr.com

Ok, there are many very elaborate and eye-catching cosplays out there, but you don’t need a complex cosplay to be awesome. This cosplay of Scruffy the Janitor is SO underrated it hurts. Whoever you are, Mr. Janitor man, you are awesome!

Do you have any funny, and possibly easy, cosplays that need more attention? Drop a comment down below!

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