Merchandise Monday | Herugrim Letter Opener

Another Monday, another Merchandise Monday! If you’re curious about our previous Merchandise Monday posts, go and check out our Merchandise Monday category. For more information about where and why Merchandise Monday started, head over to our friends, and creators of this series, Fangirls on the Road!

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s item: A Herugrim letter opener.


This beauty is one of many sword letter openers from The Noble Collection. I’m a big fan of merchandise items from The Noble Collection because they are not your average cheap plastic items that look as if they’re falling apart just by looking at it. Items from The Noble Collection are, indeed, noble.

One of my all time favourite things they offer are their The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sword letter openers. I know I’ll never own life size replicas of the swords so these letter openers are an inexpensive and space-saving alternative.


Of all the LOTR and Hobbit sword letter openers available, King Theoden’s sword Herugrim is my absolute favourite. So, of course, I didn’t need to think twice when I saw that Herugrim was on sale on a while ago. There is only one sword I’d love to own more than Herugrim and that is Boromir’s sword. Sadly, Boromir’s sword is not available as a letter opener (Yet?) Please Mr. and Mrs Noble Collection, please create a letter opener of Boromir’s sword!

Anyhow, I can’t complain, my Herugrim letter opener is beautiful and among my most prized possessions in my Tolkien collection!

Want to purchase your own sword letter opener? Go and check out the LOTR letter openers and The Hobbit letter openers!


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