The Epic Disney Tag Questionnaire


Last week, we three Travelling Geeks did a Harry Potter Questionnaire that turned out to be a lot of fun! Later, our friend Myla challenged us to do the Epic Disney Tag questionnaire that was started by Smilingldsgirl.

Since Myla called out me, Lily, specifically, I sometimes mention her answers, so make sure to check out her Epic Disney Tag blog post, and feel free to leave comments or make a post with your answers!

1. A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience

Alice: everything that involves Pocahontas. That was my favourite movie when I was a child and I’d love to run in the woods alongside animals and cross the river in a boat (but not falls, please!).

Maria: That’s a tough question right at the beginning… oh I know, I would’ve loved to experience Genie’s ‘Friend like me’ performance. Well, actually, I’d love to experience any moment with Genie. And no, I’m still in denial over Robin Williams’ s death…

Lily: Tough one! I really like Myla’s idea of getting to see The Beast’s library for the very first time. But for me, I think it’s a tie between dancing in space with fire extinguishers (WALL-E) and hitting three perfect bulls-eyes at an archery contest with steely concentration (Brave).

2. An unforgettable experience you’ve had at the parks

Alice: never been at the parks yet 😦 I used to have a little jar where my uncle left some money when he visited me, they were my savings to go to Disneyland Paris one day. Unfortunately it never happened.

Maria: I’ve been only once to Disneyland in Paris when I was a moody 14 or 15 year old teenager. At that time I was ‘too cool’ to enjoy Disneyland. These days I’d go crazy with excitement and hug every character I come across. So no, unfortunately I don’t have any unforgettable experiences.

Lily: After reading Alice and Maria’s answers, I’m feeling really spoiled! I’ve been lucky enough to go to Disney World and Disneyland several times, but the best experience was about two years ago around my birthday. We were traveling with some friends and their three children, and as a very special treat, Hubby made dinner reservations at the restaurant in Cinderella’s Castle. We figured we would try to get a table during the fireworks display in the hopes that it would be less crowded (or at least enough for us to get a reservation for 7!). We didn’t think we were going to be able to see much of the fireworks…Boy, were we wrong! It was a magical experience eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table, watching the fireworks out the window as they piped the music from the display into the restaurant. I felt like royalty, and I will never, ever forget it!

3. What non-Disney song reminds you or brings back memories of Disney and or the parks?

Alice: sorry, but I don’t know.

Maria: Non-Disney songs that remind me of Disney? I don’t think I have any. Disney songs are so unforgettable that it’s the other way around: Disney songs remind me of non-Disney movies.

Lily: If anything, the songs from The Music Man musical remind me of the parks. You can so often hear “Gary Indiana,” “Wells Fargo Wagon,” and “Lida Rose,” playing as you walk through the Main Street.

4. When was the first time you went to a Disney park?

Lily. Always a Disney lover.

Lily. Always a Disney lover.

Alice: kidding? 😥

Maria: As mentioned in question No.2, around age 14 or 15.

Lily: Again, I’m feeling spoiled. I was born in California, so I don’t know when my first visit was, but I must’ve been quite young. I do remember going to Disneyland for my brother’s fourth birthday, and we had so thoroughly connected his birthday to the park that though we wished him a happy birthday and congratulated him on being four, he maintained, “I’m not four until we get to Disneyland!”

5. If you could choose any of the characters to be your best friend who would you choose?

Alice: I would totally choose Anna (from Frozen) and Jane (from Tarzan).

Maria: Genie and Timon & Pumba. As a child, these three cracked me up and I’ve always wanted them to be my friends in real life.


Lily: I’m having such a difficult time with this one, and I’ll probably think of more perfect ones after posting this, but I’m going to go with Esmerelda. She’s just one of my favorite characters and I think I could learn a lot from her.

6. Who is your favorite Disney princess?

Alice: Pocahontas and now Elsa, too!

Maria: Ugh, I’m not sure I have one. I’ve never identified with any of the Disney princesses. Sure, Mulan is badass, but I was never as obsessed with her as I was obsessed with characters such as Genie (Aladdin), Timon & Pumba (Lion King), or Sully (Monster’s Inc.)… I really like Genie, a lot.

Lily: If we’re confined to legitimate princesses (because Mulan and Esmerelda are two of my favorite characters, otherwise), I’m going to go with Kida from Atlantis because she is so awesome!

7. Name a scene/moment in any Disney movie that never fails to make you cry?

Alice: can we talk about the Lion King?

Maria: Mufasa’s death. The life and death of Carl’s wife in UP.


Lily: Myla brought up two very good moments in her post that I’m going to steal, but it’s true! They get me every time. When Jessie gets left on the side of the road in Toy Story 2 and that emotionally manipulating song “When Somebody Loved Me” plays, I’m gone! And pretty much anything with Dumbo and his mom is tear-inducing.

8. What is your favorite Disney movie?

Alice: again, Pocahontas! Followed by Cinderella and Tarzan.

Maria: My favourite Disney movie has been for a long while Lion King, but when you count the Pixar movies as well, my list would look as follows: Lion King, UP, Monster’s Inc. (& Monster’s Uni), Robin Hood

Lily: This is so hard. I’m not going to stick with just one, and I can’t even make a Top Ten list. But on any favorites list, these would definitely make the cut for: Mulan, Robin Hood, The Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, and I couldn’t leave out Cinderella (when I was three years-old, I watched it 7 times in one day!).

9. Overrated Disney?

Alice: Frozen, but only because it became a commercial thing and I am not okay with the idea of doing a sequel. Overall is an amazing film and I love it.

Maria: Frozen because it is everywherrrreeee and because nothing that Frozen has been praised for being ‘unique’ was actually unique. Instead everything great about Frozen has been shown or used by Disney movies long before.

Lily: Frozen is the obvious choice for the reasons mentioned above and in Myla’s post, but in an effort to add something else to the list…I’m just going to say it…The Emperor’s New Groove. Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of that movie that I like, but they were pretty much all in the trailers when it came out. So many people seem to loooove that movie, but I would rather watch any other Disney film.

10. Underrated Disney?

Alice: honestly I don’t know.

Maria: Robin Hood. I adore Robin Hood, but for some reason people tend to forget that this Disney movie exists. Fun fact, my very first movie crush was Disney’s Robin Hood.

This Buzzfeed article explains it all.

This Buzzfeed article explains it all.

Lily: I feel like everyone must have their own personal classics or favorites, so it’s sometimes shocking to read what other people think of as underrated because they have such a place in my heart! I only started really enjoying The Hunchback of Notre Dame as an adult, and I feel like it doesn’t get much attention. Same goes for Atlantis.

11. Favorite Disney Song?

Alice: basically the entire soundtrack of Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but I knew them by heart in italian, so I can’t name the titles!

Maria: Aladdin – ‘Friend Like Me’, Lion King – ‘They Live in You’, Lion King – ‘Be Prepared’, The Jungle Book – ‘I wanna be like you’

Lily: So many! I’ve gotta go with Maria on “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book. Let’s see…also “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” (Mulan), “Ev’rybody Wants To Be A Cat” (Aristocats), “Just Around the Riverbend” (Pocahontas), and “Out There” (Hunchback of Notre Dame). I must stress that these are not in order and this is in no way a complete list!

12. Least Favorite Disney?

Alice: drum roll please….Alice in Wonderland! I never read the book because I always disliked the cartoon.

Maria: Tarzan. Never liked it. Watched it only once.

Lily: Again with the hard questions! You know, even though it’s a “classic,” I don’t really like Lady and the Tramp. Parts of it scared me as a kid, and when trying to do adult rewatches, I never get far into it before turning it off.

13. Most Memorable Disney villain?

Alice: probably Frollo.

Maria: Scar & Shere Khan. For some reason I like the animal villains more than the human Disney villains. Even though Scar was, obviously, not voiced by Jeremy Irons in the German version, the German voice was still pretty damn epic. Disney really managed to create a cunning villain.

Lily: I have to go with Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I can’t remember if it was in a dream or just the overactive imagination of my childhood self, but she grew to her huge ship-crushing size, broke through the television, and started to become part of our world (ha, I’m so clever). The thought terrified me!



14. Favorite classic Disney/ favorite modern Disney?

Alice: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Frozen.

Maria: Favourite Classic: Robin Hood / Favourite Modern: Lion King

Lily: Cinderella / Tangled.

15. Favorite Disney score?

Alice: see question number 11.

Maria: I’m not sure what is meant by favourite score as I’ve mentioned my favourite songs in question no. 11. But if you mean ‘favourite soundtrack’ I’d pick Lion King. Nearly every song is amazing in Lion King.

Lily: Definitely The Incredibles! I love Michael Giacchino.

Feel free to join us and write a post with your own answer! We’d love to read it, so be sure to tag us on social media (or share the link to your post in the comments below).


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