LA Confidential: Golden Apple Comics

Last month, I traveled to Los Angeles, and though there are a ton of geeky things to do, my hubby and I decided to make comic book stores our particular emphasis on this trip. We did some research ahead of time, scrolling through many “Best of” lists naming comic shops in the Los Angeles area. We chose our top four, and had great success!

Previously, I’ve shared about our trip to Meltdown Comics and Secret Headquarters! Next up? Golden Apple Comics!


Spiderman draws visitors into Golden Apple Comics.

You can find Golden Apple Comics on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, and if you really want to make sure you don’t miss it, just keep an eye out for Spiderman! But he’s not the only celebrity who makes an appearance. I knew I was going to be right at home when I spotted R2-D2 wearing a Gandalf hat from the premiere of the last Hobbit movie!


I mentioned in a past post that I have a new-found love for Avatar: The Last Airbender, and I have recently been buying and enjoying the graphic novels that take place between the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I am actually up-to-date on the released Avatar books, but I have been trying to decide if I’m the kind of collector that needs the hardcover editions as well as the individual paperback editions. I was confronted with this conflict of interest at Golden Apple, because they had a great collection of Avatar books, including some of the hardcover story compilations.


The employees at Golden Apple that day were Alexis and Megan. They asked if they could help with anything, and I told them about my dilemma. They weren’t high pressure but they did look up when the next Avatar graphic novel, Smoke and Shadow – Part One, will hit shelves (September 23 can’t get here soon enough!).

As I mentioned in my post about Meltdown Comics, a number of the comic shops lists rated places by their level of comic snobbery. Like every shop we visited in LA, I didn’t feel snubbed because I didn’t like the right things and no one tried to quiz me on my knowledge to decide if I was worthy. In fact, even though Avatar is probably considered a children’s graphic novel, Megan remembered that I mentioned it, and when we were ready to check out, she had gone and found the Avatar comic from this year’s Free Comic Book Day for me.


I geeked out about Megan’s hobbit hole shirt; we had just featured it on Middle-earth New’s T-shirt Tuesday that week!

Also, I feel like it’s worth mentioning that every one of the four comic book stores that we visited had lady employees–just in case you have any delusions about comics being a boys only zone!

We had a great time at Golden Apple, finding new books, getting free movie posters, and generally communing with the pop culture. Check out Golden Apple Comics on the social media, and be sure to stop in if you’re in Los Angeles!


We had one final comic book shop to visit; it was actually suggested by the ladies at Golden Apple since I was on my ceaseless quest for that Tolkien biographical comic. Stay tuned for the final post in my LA Confidential comic book store series that will feature Hi-De-Ho Comics!


One thought on “LA Confidential: Golden Apple Comics

  1. gekitsu says:

    good to hear there were lady employees everywhere. and i feel sad having to type this out, that this even is a matter worth noting.

    i mean, wouldn’t you, as a business, want to be attractive to as many potential customers as possible? women might feel more welcome when there are women in the staff. dudes might find it nice when they see their enthusiasm shared across more kinds of people than the simpsons comic book guy stereotype. (they would, right? they would?!?)

    and wouldn’t you, as an employee, want to work in an environment where you have a diverse lot of folks around you?

    i certainly know i like the atmosphere of a place better when it isn’t a dude fortress.


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