The Unique Blogger Award

We’ve been tagged by Olga from Middle-earth Reflections for the Unique Blogger Award. Thank you Olga, we are really excited to participate!


The Rules
*Share the link to the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
*Answer the questions.
*In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
*Ask them 3 questions.


And now to Olga’s questions:

1. Who is your favourite villain from the books you’ve read or films you’ve seen?
Oh, that is a tough one. I have many ‘favourite villains’ for different reasons. Sometimes I love them because they are charming, other times because they are terrifying, then there are times where I love villains because the actors/actresses did a fantastic job. At the top of my head, I’d pick Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Sir Christoper Lee’s performance was, of course, amazing. However, the reason I prefer Saruman over Sauron, in the films anyway, is that we can see how deceiving villains can be. Sure, there are the stereotypically monsters such as the Orcs, but in real life, terrible people don’t have horns on their heads or other clearly visible markers that tell the rest of us “watch out this is an evil person”. Yes, in the books, Sauron was even more deceiving and underwent a “wolf in sheep’s clothing to terrible villain” transformation, but not everyone has read the books. So Saruman is in the films is to me a great example of why the best villains are those that are not the stereotypical disfigured monster. Another great villain in this category would be Michael Corleone from The Godfather. A great villian from a book I’ve recently read would be Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs.

2. What can you be found doing on a day-off?
I wish I could write something fancy as “going on long walks in the countryside” and “reading a good book while enjoying a fantastic coffee beverage in a small but charming local café”, but the truth is that I spend way too much time in front of my computer. Many of my hobbies, these days, are somehow dependent on my computer. I love to play Lord of the Rings Online, catch up with videos or blog posts from my favourite Youtubers or Bloggers, practice digital art, and write for my various blog projects such as Travelling Geek Show.

3. Do you prefer long books or short books?
I’ll be honest, I prefer short books. I’ve been an English major at univ. so we had to read tons and tons of books, most of which were very long. For the entirety of my studies, I’ve spend trying desperately to read all the books my professors picked for class. Yet, the closer I got to graduating, the more I fell behind (sorry Profs!). As much as I love reading, this taught me to avoid long books. This doesn’t mean that I won’t pick up long books (the one I’m currently reading has 500 pages), but I tend to buy more shorter books than longer ones these days.

Now, here are my three questions:
1.If you could travel to any fictional place for a day, where would you go and what would you do?2.Whether we are part of the nerdy culture or are part of sports teams, we all are shaped by the things we love. What are three fictional characters that influenced you or shaped you in some way?
3.What book, movie, comic, or video game did blow you off your socks this year?

I tag the the first 8 people who like or comment on this post! Ok, I know it is somewhat cheating, but I’d love to get to know our readers but I don’t want to single anyone out in particular while ‘ignoring’ others. So whoever is courageous enough to answer my questions, please leave us a comment or e-mail!


2 thoughts on “The Unique Blogger Award

  1. gekitsu says:

    i’ll take the liberty of considering myself tagged as well, if nobody minds. 🙂 to escape planning to write a blog post (which will inevitably get buried underneath too much other stuff, and never get finished), i’ll answer here:

    those are some tough questions. :O

    1) fictional place for one day… if it’s a one-day trip, that means it can easily be an interesting place one wouldn’t consider for long term staying. mayyybe the ruins of shadow moses (metal gear solid)? i’d just scour the old military base, soaking in the atmosphere.
    hot seconds: machine-hunting in horizon zero dawn’s north american jungle wilderness. but that’s too expansive for a one-day trip. same for a blacksmithing workshop in second age moria.

    2) three fictional characters that influenced me. yoda, probably. ‘what would X do?’ is a question i use in a few variations (mr. miyagi, uncle iroh, etc.) but yoda is by far the most common. adrian monk, definitely. because it’s hard to beat that feeling of for the first time seeing someone like you presented as cool, and in a story meant for public consumption. and i have a really hard time thinking of a third one. too many i just like a lot, and also some that felt good reading/watching, but i don’t know if they influenced or shaped me much.

    3) this year’s sock-blowing: i’ve been walking barefoot for most of this year because my godness, so many things that made my socks go ballistic!
    * i FINALLY got ahold of a copy of hickman, klopsteg & nagler’s ‘archery: the technical side.’
    * currently reading: henestrosa, meseguer & scaglione – how to create typefaces. damn good!
    * not strictly film, but: star wars rebels, season 3. IT HAS GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN!
    * kelly thompson, jenn st-onge & m. victoria robado – the misfits; our songs are better. (the misfits are the antagonist band in jem and the holograms. their lead singer is super easy to hate. but then, kelly thompson writes one moment in the main jem series, and you just want to give her a hug. then she writes an entire comic about these brats, and you love them all.)
    * kieron gillen et al. – star wars: doctor aphra. (a badass girl archaeologist in the star wars universe. nuff said.)
    * mark russell & steve pugh – the flintstones vol 1 (no, i’m deadly serious. trust me. they took the flintstones and turned it into a sabre-toothed satire.)
    * owlboy
    * gravity rush 2
    * horizon zero dawn
    * nier: automata
    each of these is once-in-a-blue-moon good, and they came out more or less all at once!


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