5 Fandom Friday: Fandoms I Couldn’t get Into

It is time for another 5 Fandom Friday! What is 5 Fandom Friday you may ask? It is a weekly nerdy link up where bloggers share a personalized top 5 list based on a given topic. Read the 5 Fandom Friday origin story here.


This Friday’s theme is: Fandoms I couldn’t get into

1.The Avengers Fandom


Now, before you strip me off my geek cred, let me explain. I’ve seen the first Iron Man movie, I’ve seen the first Thor movie, and I’ve also seen the first Avengers movie, but none of these movies got me hoocked. Sure they are nice popcorn entertainment, but none of these movies or its characters made me want to see more. At the end of the day, I really just don’t care about this fandom… which is a huge shock to some of my best friends who are obsessed with the Avengers.

2. Game of Thrones


Alright,  I know I’ve only seen season one and haven’t read the books yet, but there really is nothing at the moment about GoT that makes me want to explore this world and fandom. There are so many other TV shows and books I’d rather explore than GoT.

3. Star Trek


Alright, this one is a bit different. In number 1 & 2 I didn’t like the product and therefore had no connection to the fandom. This time, I do like the product, but I just can’t get into the fandom for some reason. I’ve seen most of the very first seasons with Kirk and Spock and their movies, I’ve seen (and loved) Voyager & Enterprise, I’ve seen (and loved) Picard’s team. Yet, for some reason I couldn’t make any connections to the fandom itself even though one one of my best friends is a HUGE Trekkie. Oh and I haven’t seen, nor do I intent to see, the new Star Trek movies with Chris Pine.

4. Sherlock


With Sherlock, it is the same thing as with Star Trek: I love the TV show, but I just don’t care about the fandom. And to be honest, some of the Sherlock fans in the fandom discourage me to join in…

5. The Hunger Games


This one is the same as no 1 & 2. I’ve seen the first installment and regard it to be nice popcorn entertainment, but don’t like it enough to see the rest of it (nor do I want to read the books). So, again, I really just don’t care about the Hunger Games fandom, at all.

What about you? Are there any popular fandoms out there you just don’t care about at all? Where you don’t get the hype? Also, do you know that feeling where you love a TV show/movie/book/game, but just don’t care about the fandom or possibly dislike the fandom?

Leave us a comment down below!


3 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Fandoms I Couldn’t get Into

  1. gekitsu says:

    well, what can i say? i agree on all counts.

    1) i tended to phrase this as ‘this and this cool marvel film’ vs ‘that and the other marvel film’ when there weren’t that many of them yet. nowadays, i’m just a not-fan of the marvel cinematic universe, with exceptions. (i really like the first two x-men films, and first class.) and… err… you’re supposed to get your geek card revoked for not being into the films about a genre of comics you can just not be into as a legit geek? i feel we need to sit down and have serious talk with whoever came up with that one.

    2) i. hear. you. i watched until the start of the third season and then excused myself from the rest of it because i got bored out of my mind. a historian friend of mine and me are regularly having intense GoT vs tolkien clashes, too.

    3) yeah, i have to admit my first reaction was ‘NO WAY, I LOVE STAR TREK!’ but you won me over. i indeed love star trek, but i’m not a trekkie. in the words of [adam savage](http://www.tested.com/art/makers/572490-adam-savages-maker-faire-2016-talk/): “star wars or star trek. apples & oranges, apples & oranges. star trek is the utopian social commentary, star wars is the visceral, aesthetic hero’s journey. they both are necessary. they both are culturally vital. star wars.”
    i feel kinship with trekkies, though. (but i won’t see the remakes. what for?)

    4) yuup. although i have a very special soft spot for how flustered benedict cumberbatch gets when anyone mentions his fans christening themselves cumberbitches, as silly a name as it is.

    5) yuuup again. i like many of the things jennifer lawrence said about playing the role, and i’m obviously grateful for popularising archery, and making the world aware of the amazingly smart amandla stenberg, but the films don’t do much for me.

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  2. Myla says:

    My choices:
    1. Sherlock: The fandom is toxic.
    2. Supernatural: I watched a lot of the seasons but I just got so bored.
    3. Avengers: Another one I just got bored with.
    4. Doctor Who: I feel bad for not caring, maybe one day I’ll finish watching the rest of 11’s episodes!
    5. Star Trek: But to be fair I haven’t really given it a chance. I’ll try again eventually.

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  3. Alice says:

    I feel the same way for Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and The Hunger Games. I watched three seasons of GoT and honestly there is nothing that would keep me going. I feel the same for Doctor Who. Concerning Sherlock, I LOVE the tv series and I rewatch it periodically, but the fandom is not for me, too many sexual and gay stuff there.


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