Merchandise Monday | OUAT Playing Cards

Happy Monday, friends!

Despite my annoying amount of Tolkien and Harry Potter related items I shared here, you might not know that I’m also a big Once Upon A Time fan! Lily constantly helps me to feed my passion with some nice birthday presents since last year (a new tradition, perhaps? 😉 ).

Last month I received these awesome playing cards inspired by the characters of Once Upon A Time.

Merchandise Monday - OUAT Playing Cards (1)

My card skills are very limited (I usually play UNO), but I know a couple of games I can enjoy with my friends and a solitaire. I love that they chose Rumpelstiltskin as the Joker and Emma as the Ace, oh and I’m also happy that there is Ruby (aka Red Riding Hood)! She’s one of my favorite characters and I was so bummed when they removed her from the main plot. Speaking of which, Lily also sent me Red’s Untold Tale for my birthday and I’m reading in these days, it seems a great story so far!

Merchandise Monday - OUAT Playing Cards (2)

I wish I lived closer to my Travelling Geeks so I could oblidge Lily playing cards with me and force Maria watching the TV series with me. I’m an awesome friend, aren’t I? 😀

Do you like Once Upon A Time? Do you own any OUAT themed merch?


Merchandise Monday – Indiana Jones LEGO Set

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a good week so far. Since it is Monday, you know what time it is. It is Merchandise Monday o’clock! (Shhh, I know a cheesy joke….I’ve only had one coffee so far…) To see our previous entries, go and check out our Merchandise Monday Category!

For this week, I’ve decided to give my little Indiana Jones LEGO Set its five minutes of fame.


Attentive LEGO fans and collectors might’ve noticed already that this set is not complete. I have this bad habit of losing LEGO pieces becauseI don’t have a proper place to display my geeky collection in one place. However, I don’t want it to be scattered around everywhere in my home and collect dust so usually most of my geeky things are stored away in boxes. Anyhow, I digress.

I’ve bought this set several years ago and I love it oh so much! I also own (and love!) the LEGO video game. I grew up watching all three Indiana Jones movies again and again and the third one Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is my all-time favourite. So when I saw the LEGO set and video game, I had to get it… We don’t talk about the fourth one, ok? In my universe, the fourth doesn’t exist….


As I was doing some research for this post, I’ve realised that the Indiana Jones LEGO series has been discontinued and is now sold for a small fortune on the internet. It saddens me because I’ve always wanted to get some of the bigger sets too.

Did anyone else grew up with Indiana Jones as their hero (and crush)? Or is even owning an Indiana Jones LEGO set or video game? Leave a comment down below!

Merchandise Monday | Shire Necklace

I felt like it would catch any of our loyal readers off-guard if I didn’t share another Tolkien item for Merchandise Monday! If you missed any of our recent items from Middle-earth, here are some handy links for you:

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Lily – Merchandise Monday | Samwise Painting by Joe Gilronan

Today, I’m featuring a Christmas present I received from Valdis at Middle-earth News. Last year, her theme for the presents she gave the news team was jewelry specifically chosen based on our interests. Knowing that I’m a hobbit at heart, she picked a necklace with a piece of a map of the Shire so that I could always find my way home.


I’ve received many compliments on this necklace, and I’m always glad to see people know the reference! I always make sure I wear it on important occasions like Hobbit Day, Tolkien Reading Day, and movie marathons.

What piece of a Middle-earth map would make the most sense for you? Share your second home in the comments below!

Merchandise Monday | Legolas-s-s

Here at Travelling Geek Show are all huge Tolkien fans. I (Alice) am a lazy boring person, so I keep sharing pieces of my Tolkien collection (I apologize if you don’t like LOTR and The Hobbit!).

Today I want to show you the magical trio: Legolas, Legolas and Legolas!

Merchandise Monday - Legolas-s-s

Well, he was (and still is!) my childhood crush and Orlando Bloom is one of my favorite actors, so, ya know, I’m a bit obsessed with him…and my friends know that well! My fellow travelling geek Maria sent me my very first Legolas (the one in the middle) last year as birthday present. I was so extremely excited that I even started a series of photo-adventures.

Then my other fellow travelling geek, Lily, sent me the Funko POP! Legolas and it’s so cute!!! It resides on my shelf and sometimes likes to hang out with his fellow Funko POP! Smaug.

The last one is a Helm’s Deep action figure sent me as Christmas present by Arwen. It has tons of weapons and a Uruk-hai shield with…wheels. I know, right?!!

Merchandise Monday | Herugrim Letter Opener

Another Monday, another Merchandise Monday! If you’re curious about our previous Merchandise Monday posts, go and check out our Merchandise Monday category. For more information about where and why Merchandise Monday started, head over to our friends, and creators of this series, Fangirls on the Road!

Now, without further ado, here is this week’s item: A Herugrim letter opener.


This beauty is one of many sword letter openers from The Noble Collection. I’m a big fan of merchandise items from The Noble Collection because they are not your average cheap plastic items that look as if they’re falling apart just by looking at it. Items from The Noble Collection are, indeed, noble.

One of my all time favourite things they offer are their The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sword letter openers. I know I’ll never own life size replicas of the swords so these letter openers are an inexpensive and space-saving alternative.


Of all the LOTR and Hobbit sword letter openers available, King Theoden’s sword Herugrim is my absolute favourite. So, of course, I didn’t need to think twice when I saw that Herugrim was on sale on a while ago. There is only one sword I’d love to own more than Herugrim and that is Boromir’s sword. Sadly, Boromir’s sword is not available as a letter opener (Yet?) Please Mr. and Mrs Noble Collection, please create a letter opener of Boromir’s sword!

Anyhow, I can’t complain, my Herugrim letter opener is beautiful and among my most prized possessions in my Tolkien collection!

Want to purchase your own sword letter opener? Go and check out the LOTR letter openers and The Hobbit letter openers!