The Harry Potter Exhibition

Just a quick post to share with you my excitement for visiting the Harry Potter Exhibition yesterday!

HP Exhibition

You can find all the photos I managed to take (not as many as I wanted to because it was very dark there) here on my blog along with the whole story.

I don’t have a big haul to show you since the merchandising was expensive and not so special, but I bought the Official Exhibition Guide and my mom gifted me a Hufflepuff crest keychain.


I’m glad I’ve got the guide since I couldn’t take nice photos of the props and costumes, it’s a nice way to remember the visit.


Inside the guide, there was a replica of Harry’s Hogwarts Letter!


I was on the fence between the keychain and the enamel pin, but I went with the first one since I’m always afraid to ruin my clothes with pins. My home keys have a nice geeky touch now! šŸ™‚


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