Alice Plays LOTRO: A New Chapter

I started playing LOTRO in July of 2013 after discovering the world of MMORPG thanks to a fellow Middle-earth News Reporter, we actually created our own kinship and managed to do some meetups for silly group photos and things like that. My adventure started as an Elf Hunter, it was a dream came true and you would probably guess why. I mean, my internet nickname is @alicegreenleaf!

Shortly after, I started toying with the idea of playing as a Hobbit, but since I hated melee combats and I was afraid of pretty much any red dot on the map, I went with another Hunter. I played this character for months and months, completely neglecting (and then deleting) my Elf, I arrived in Moria and things started to become boring to me. Then I ventured myself in other adventures, including role-playing and getting through Moria for good but I never reached the level cap, even after playing for 4 years.

Long story short, I found myself a bit stuck lately because I loved the game but I didn’t enjoy my character(s). Also, I’m a University student, this means my free time is very tight right now, I can’t play more than one hour a day and it was very hard for me opening the game and knowing I had to do instances and things like that. Sometimes I just like to do “easy” stuff and it isn’t possible when there are no Festivals.

hobbit minstrelSince I love LOTRO so much, I did some research and I’ve read (basically in every forum I found) that the best combo for solo and landscape players is Hobbit Minstrel. I never actually played that class over level 10, so I decided to give it a try and, to be sure to stick with it, I came up with some rules for myself:

  • I’m going to complete every single quest and deed in the Shire.
  • I’m going to read the text of every quest, no skipping this time.
  • I’ll do the quests first (because I don’t want to out level too much) and the deeds after.
  • No pressure of levelling up and visit other regions.
  • Once I’ll finish the Shire area, I’ll decide what to do with my character: bring it to
  • Mordor or just keep it for social events and storage.
  • I’m going to do some crafting too.

I’m very happy with these self-imposed rules because they help me to get things easier. For example, now that there is the Farmer’s Faire, I’m not even touching my Minstrel, I’m playing with my main character because I love easy XP šŸ˜ƒ

I’m not sure how things are going to evolve, but I needed some accountability for this little project of mine (after bothering my fellow Travelling Geek Maria for days!).


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