Wizarding World Crate May Unboxing

A few days ago, I’ve received my very first subscription box, J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World crate from Lootcrate. It is a bi-monthly box and in May, the theme was ‘The Dark Arts’.  Before I will go into detail of what I got and what I think of it, I want to discuss a few things in regards to shipping and Lootcrate in general.

Price & Shipping

The price of the Wizarding World crate was 45.48€ including shipping. I received on May 20th a notification that my crate ended up at customs, so on the 22nd I went to pick it up. In Germany, and the EU in general I think, you have to pay an import tax for orders outside the EU over a certain amount. In Germany, this import tax amounts to 19% of the price you paid for your product. In other words, I had to pay 8.64€ import tax. So all in all, I paid 54,12€ which is a rather hefty price to be honest.

When I ordered the crate, it was said in the notification E-mail that I’d receive an E-mail once my order has been shipped and that I’d receive a tracking number. Now, I did receive an E-mail with both. However, I’ve received this E-mail only once the order reached the last stage of shipping when it reached Germany. Until then, I was in the dark. I ordered my crate in early April, so I really would’ve appreciated it to receive a notification when my order was started to get processed.

What I got in my Wizarding World Crate ‘The Dark Arts’

In this crate, we received 5 items. A T-shirt, an enamel pin, a pencil case, a set of 4 plastic plates, and a stationary wax stamp set which includes 6 cards, 6 envelopes, a velvet bag, a wax stick, and a stamp. According to the note inside the crate, all items are exclusive to the Wizarding World crate.

Chamber of Secrets Stationary Wax Stamp Set

My personal favourite in this box is this wax stamp set. It is hard to tell on my images, but the cards have the logo of the Chamber of Secrets embossed to them. The wax stamp itself just looks stunning! I’ve already made up my mind who will receive a Chamber pf Secrets greeting card from me.

Dolores Umbridge Plastic Cat Plates


This one made me laugh out loud. Back in April, when I tolk my sister about the theme ‘The Dark Arts’, I was joking around how fun and rediculous it would be to receive Umbridge’s cat plates….and now we did! I’m a dog person, so I won’t put them on my wall, but I will bring them out whenever I need a good laugh.

Tom Riddle’s Diary Enamel Pin, Azkaban Prion Pencil Case & Fantastic Beasts T-Shirt

I’ll be honest, I probably wouldn’t have picked any of these three things up in a store, but I’m still happy that I got them. The T-shirt is too big to be honest. I ordered the size M (which is normally my size), but it is a men’s style T-shirt and, therefore, too big. If you’re thinking about ordering a Wizarding World crate and want a slim fitting T-shirt, order a size smaller than your normal T-shirt size. The enamel pin and pencil case are beautiful and I can’t wait to use them!

Final Thoughts

I really thove all items in May’s Wizarding World Crate, but the prize is too high for me to get another one. The regular prize of 45.48€ is aready somewhat steep to be honest, but having to pay an additional 8.64€ at customs is just too much for me. On the long run, the Wizarding World Crate may become something I treat myself not more than once a year. However, if you do decide to treat yourself with a Wizarding World crate, no matter how often, I still think that the items you’ll receive are awesome!

Have you got any of the previous Wizarding World crates? If so what are your thoughts? Leave a comment down below!


2 thoughts on “Wizarding World Crate May Unboxing

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you for this great review. Being an European myself, I was very interested to know about your experience! I’ve seen some unboxing videos on YouTube, but they were all super duper positive (even for the price), so I wanted to know the truth 😀


  2. Katy Rochelle says:

    Nice review! I love what you got, especially the Dolores Umbridge plates. I haven’t been able to get a box in the U.S. yet ’cause it is still a little steep, but it’s nice that the items are exclusive to the crate. They’ll be impossible to get anywhere else, so that’s quite a collectible!


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