MERCHANDISE MONDAY | My New Zealand Tolkien Haul

It has been a while since we did a Merchandise Monday, so there is a lot to catch up with! For those who don’t know, I’ve been to New Zealand from mid-October 2016 until end of December 2016. Of course, I’ve visited Hobbiton, Weta Workshop and other Middle-earth related movie locations. Also, of course, I’ve added stuff to my Tolkien collection because obviously. Duh.

However, I’m rather proud with myself because I managed to keep my haul to a minImum…..unlike my first trip to New Zealand in 2009 where I bought, what felt like, half the Shire.

My Mini New Zealand Tolkien Haul

Tolkien NZ Haul2

‘No Admittance’ Sign Replica

You have no idea for how long I wanted that ‘No Admittance’ sign. Ever since I watched The Fellowship of the Rings in cinemas in 2001, I wanted to own a replica of it! Now, I’m a very proud owner of one. I framed it and put it up on my wall alongside other Middle-earth related images near my Tolkien collection. With a cost of 20 NZ dollar, it was, in fact, the most expensive souvenir purchase I made in New Zealand.

Tolkien NZ Haul

Hobbiton Movie Set Tour Map

Now, this was not a purchase, but rather part of the Hobbiton Movie Tours ticket you get. Still, I’m loving this little map of Hobbiton so much. It is such a lovely, but unexpected, treat. Part of me wants to frame it, the other part of me is too frightened to do it.

Hobbiton Movie Set Key chain & Postcard

Ok, now you’d think “She has been to Hobbiton and all she got was a key chain and a postcard?!” Don’t get me wrong, there were countless amazing things available at the Hobbiton souvenir store. In fact, there were so many amazing things that I was overwhelmed and couldn’t decide and ended up running through the store aimlessly, but excited. Also, my time was running out (the tour bus was leaving soon), so I had to settle for something quick.

A Dwarven coin from Smaug’s hoard from Weta Workshop

When I went to Weta Workshop, I faced the same dilemma as in Hobbiton. There were so many amazing things in the souvenir shop that I was too overwhelmed to get something fancy and ended up buying something small and simple. Still, I truly love that coin!

So, how’s your Tolkien collection going? Anything new or exciting you added in the recent past? Also, if you could go to the Hobbiton Movie Set and Weta Workshop, what would you get? Leave a comment down below!


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