Five Questions After Watching Luke Cage

When it comes to Netflix’s Marvel shows, I mark the air date on my calendar and try to keep the weekend free for a good old fashioned binge watch. Needless to say, I was one of the many Luke Cage viewers who contributed to Netflix’s crash on Saturday.


I thoroughly enjoyed the show, its music, its characters — heroes and villains alike. But like many comic book properties, it left me with some nagging questions that I hope will be resolved in future seasons or other Marvel shows.

In this SPOILER FILLED post, I share my Top 5 lingering questions. So don’t go past the Swear Jar unless you are caught up on Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.


#1 – What’s in the Swear Jar??

Pop’s death was an awful moment in the show, broken up by an endearing exchange between Pop and Luke about not swearing in the barber shop. With his dying breath, Pop makes sure to say, “Swear jar,” and it seems that this is in response to Luke’s foul language. But I was convinced that there was something else in the swear jar — something so important that Pop had to tell Luke before he died. I waited and waited for Luke to open the jar up for a shocking reveal. And…nothing. Now I have to hold out for Season 2!


#2 – So Luke Cage’s Skin Isn’t Unbreakable?

Though it’s never explicitly stated, we’re lead to believe that the metal on the Judas bullets is of Chitauri origin. I get it. If you can’t actually kill or even break the skin on a hero, it doesn’t give the villains much to work with. But it makes me wonder…if Chitauri metal can pierce Luke Cage’s otherwise unbreakable skin, would Wolverine’s Adamantium claws or Black Panther’s Vibranium ones?


#3 – What is Reva mixed up in?

Reva sure manages to accumulate all kinds of sensitive data on thumb drives. In Jessica Jones, she leads Jessica and Kilgrave to a buried yellow USB drive with video footage of the experiments performed on Kilgrave as a child. In Luke Cage, she has a white USB drive in the motel where she meets Luke after his prison escape. In a later episode, Luke brings out a USB drive necklace filled with data that Dr. Burstein (aka Mr. Sketchy Prison Scientist) had lost. Burstein says, “Reva died for this, didn’t she?” and if it’s the same one from Jessica Jones, that’s exactly what happened. But to be honest, it’s a bit unclear whether all of these thumb drives carry the same data. No matter what, we don’t know the half of the underworld experiments Reva is mixed up in.


#4 – Hammertech is still around?

Iron Man 2 introduced us to Justin Hammer, the founder of the weapons manufacturing company Hammertech. Hammertech desperately tried to compete with Stark Industries, particularly in the super suit market. The last time we saw Justin Hammer was in the Marvel One Shot “All Hail The King” when he was locked up in Seagate (yes, that Seagate) prison. Presuming he’s still serving time, who is running the company, pumping out weapons and supplying Diamondback with a super suit?

#5 – When does the soundtrack come out?

Watch the above video to learn how every episode was expertly crafted with music and performances to fit the mood and themes. Even the title of each episode is a track from Gang Starr. Luke Cage’s music supervisor Adrian Younge explains that they thought of each episode as an album. So…when do these albums drop?


Do you have any outstanding questions after Season 1 of Luke Cage? Leave your theories or favorite songs from the soundtrack in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Five Questions After Watching Luke Cage

  1. V Donovan says:

    The soundtrack comes out soon…I can’t remember the date…the guy who played Cottonmouth tweeted about it I think, so maybe look that up.
    As for the swear jar, I never thought too much about that. I think Luke just took care of it because it was a small token of Pop. I really don’t think anything extra was in it. At least, I didn’t think that, but now you got me wondering…


  2. Layla says:

    This is a great post with some questions that hadn’t occurred to me! I really, really loved the show so I’ll have to consider these a bit – at the very least I’d love to know how much money has accumulated in that swear jar over time! I especially want to know so much more about Reva too, like yourself I’m hoping they will cover more of that either in Defenders or another season of Cage. I definitely get the feeling they’re building up on all the shows to a reveal of some variety.


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