My LOTRO Project: Playing More with Alts


One of the many things we, travelling geeks, have in common is our love for playing LOTRO (The Lord of the Rings Online), we started three years ago and, even if we have super busy schedules, we still manage to find some time to play. This means we aren’t experts nor we aren’t all at the level cap, but we enjoy the game the same way.

I’m a perfectionist both in my everyday life and my online life, so having a bunch of alts created just to try different classes and races for a couple of levels and then abandoned to play only with my main character really bothered me. So I came up with a little project: #WednesdayWanderings.

The rules are very simple: I’m going to play 1 hour every Wednesday with my alt and I’m going to document my journey on Tumblr. Nothing fancy, I’m not going to go live on Twitch or something like that, I would just play that day for an hour.

My only issue was choosing an alt, since I always create my character with a sort of backstory in mind and with purpose, I love them all equally, so the choice was hard. Fortunately the people on Twitter helped me voting to my poll.

It turned out that people really dislike Men and/or Champions 🙂 but actually like Elves/Women and Hunters/Lore-masters. I made the mistake to set the poll for 6 days instead for just 3, so I spent a whole week waiting for the definitive response, while the Hunter and the Lore-master were in a continue tie.


Last week, I finally played with my super cute Lore-master Delerif and I decided to make her quest among the elves because of her class (which was officially inspired by Elrond’s character). I’m still trying to figure out the best way to manage the companion bear, but I can’t wait to level up to be able to have one of the other less common pets I always admire to the other players I stumble upon in the game! It’s definitely a funny class, it’s like having the female version of Gandalf with the staff and all the cool spells she casts. Totally new to me, since I’ve always been more a Hunter and Warden player.

Honestly, I don’t know how far I’ll be able to go with it, since 1 hour per week is such a small amount of time, but I really wanted to keep things super simple to avoid burnout.

In addition to Tumblr, I’m also going to tweet about it sometimes, so feel free to follow me on Twitter as @alicegreenleaf!

Do you play LOTRO or any other MMORPG?


2 thoughts on “My LOTRO Project: Playing More with Alts

  1. Nyanla says:

    I love LOTRO and have been playing (with the on and off periods) for several years now. To me, the Lore Master makes me think more of Radagast actually, with his inconditionnal love for nature. It’s a great class, but I still haven’t mastered it as well as my favorite female Hobbit Minstrel Honeybunny!


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