Virginia is for Geeks: One Eyed Jacques

Our geeky adventures in Virginia keep us in Carytown a little longer because this little neighborhood is such a great area to be entertained and meet cool people. Last week, I showed off Chop Suey Books and this week I’m crossing Cary Street – basically the high street in Carytown – to One Eyed Jacques, a game store that’s a must stop shop for fans of tabletop gaming and newbies alike.


One Eyed Jacques was always buzzing with activity when I went in (and that was pretty regularly because in addition to getting good conversation, I could get a cold drink from the cooler up front). The patrons ranged in ages and genders because there really was something for everyone. Up near the front of the store, they sell kid-friendly and more family-oriented games like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. They even sell Frisbees and little science projects in a box!

The middle of the store is where we get into the heart of it with Pathfinder, Ascension, Dominion, every Munchkin game that ever existed, Magic cards, Warhammer figures, and more! There was even a whole section of the wall devoted to regular playing cards, with themes ranging from steampunk to zombies.


Don’t think it’s usually this empty; there were often lots of people back here playing. As it is, I still have some tables and chairs cropped out to avoid showing faces of people who I didn’t want to photograph without permission.

In the back, you’ll find loads of discounted and used games as well as puzzles, individual unpainted miniatures, and player handbooks for a whole host of tabletop RPGs. And most importantly, there is plenty of space to play!

I got a chance to speak to Rob who is the general manager at One Eyed Jacques, and he told me about their exciting plans to expand the space. This means more room for all of their inventory and a separate room for tabletop games.


I also spoke to Daniel at the front counter and he is pretty much the coolest and friendliest person; I had a great time geeking out with him. He showed off their jam packed calendar of events and recommended some other neat hangouts in the area. Basically, it is only that fact that I don’t reside in Virginia that is keeping me from visiting this shop every week!

You can keep up with One Eyed Jacques using the links below, and don’t forget to stop in if you’re in Carytown!

Facebook | Instagram | TwittereBay

Stay tuned for the next post in my Virginia is for Geeks series, because there is still more to do in Carytown!


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