Composer Vangelis to Release Album Inspired by ESA’s Rosetta Mission

Best known for composing scores for films such as Blade Runner or Chariots of Fire, Vangelis will release on September 23rd 2016 an album inspired by and dedicated to ESA’s Rosetta Mission.


What is the ESA and Rosetta Mission?

The ESA’s (European Space Agency) Rosetta Mission was launched in 2004 with the mission to “to chase, go into orbit around, and land on a comet” (Source: After a 10-year-long mission, the Rosetta spacecraft landed on November 12th 2014 on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This September, the Rosetta spacecraft will complete its mission “in a controlled descent to the surface of its comet” (Source:

Why is this important?

Apart from the scietific significance of this mission, which you can read on ESA’s homepage, the collaboration between ESA and Vangelis is just an amazing piece of music.

As much as I love science fiction, there is nothing more exciting than science fact. Just watch any documentary about the creation of the universe and you’ll be in awe about the beauty (& terror) the universe has to offer. I’ll be honest, I’m just an artsy humanities student with the secret wish to have the brains to study astronomy or astrophysics.

So once in a while, I like to escape science fiction in order to admire science fact and what better way to do it than listening to an amazing ‘soundtrack’. If you’re like me and you’re mezmerized by Vangelis’ composition, you can listen to two more of his compostions on ESA’s Youtube channel.

Vangelis’ album titled ‘Rosetta’ can be purchased on amazon from September 23rd onwards. 

Vangelis’ official web site:
Vangelis’ official Facebook page:
Pre-order at the Decca online store:


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