Virginia is for Geeks: Velocity Comics

When hubby and I went to Los Angeles last year, we decided that the main sightseeing we wanted to do was visiting cool comic book shops. This resulted in my series, LA Confidential! I had such a blast that I decided to keep up the tradition when I visited Richmond, Virginia last week.

This meant that I needed to come up with another catchy title. Since the motto for the state of Virginia is “Virginia is for lovers,” and since I found so many cool geeky places in and around Richmond, this series quickly had its title – Virginia is for Geeks!


When asked about good comic book shops in Richmond, all the locals said Velocity. They’ve got a perfect location that no doubt helps with foot traffic — they’re right across the street from the university. With so much good word of mouth, Velocity had to be the first stop!

There were some other customers in the shop when I arrived, and the sales associate — Ron, I found out later — was helping them find what they were looking for. That gave me the perfect opportunity to take it all in.


The bread and butter at Velocity is comic books, but they had a smattering of other memorabilia available, especially on the higher shelves. When it comes to comics, they definitely had the newer and popular books, but they also had a good amount of independent and lesser-known titles (more on that in a bit).

I was looking for We Stand on Guard in paperback, so after browsing the Marvel and DC sections, I headed over to the shelves of Image comics. I stared for a good long while because Image and Archaia and possibly other publishers seemed to be mixed together, but luckily, they were still alphabetical by title. I couldn’t find it, so when Ron was free, I asked him for help. It turns out that the book wasn’t even available in the trade paperback yet, only hardcover, and that was out of stock. He offered to order it, but I explained that I was from out of town. He suggested some other titles he thought I might like based on the interests I had mentioned, and one of those was Saga. “Yes!” I laughed, “That’s a great suggestion and my friends are trying to get me into it, but I’m not ready yet!” Good on him, though, for making a such a good guess about me.


Velocity shows off local comics! (RVA stands for Richmond, Virginia)

When I said they had a number of indie titles, I wasn’t kidding. The picture above shows one whole area of the store that was devoted to comics made by local artists and authors. Love it!

It can be a struggle to keep from going way over budget when there are so many new and exciting books to look at, but I had to tear myself away and make my purchase. Thanks to Ron and Velocity Comics for being a good introduction to Virginia’s geeky scene!

Armed with a list of other geeky havens, I set off for my next Richmond destination. If you’re a local looking for cool spots, a newbie who is moving to the area, or just a tourist like me, I hope you’ll join me as I share my travel stories in Virginia is for Geeks!

You can keep up with Velocity Comics using the links below, and don’t forget to stop in if you’re in the area!

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