Potter Month Round Up

Potter-MonthWe’ve had a fun time joining our regular blog link up, 5 Fandom Friday, for Potter Month! Today is July 31st which means it’s Harry Potter’s birthday, and on this most auspicious day, we’d like to look back at the month and get your feedback!


Potter Month: Hufflepuff!

It looks like our most popular Potter Month post was Alice’s post about Hufflepuff. Were you there to find out more about this Hogwarts House, like some famous witches and wizards who belonged to it? Alice and Lily do (oh wait, we’re not famous or witches!)…


POTTER MONTH: 5 Harry Potter Audiobook Observations

The next most viewed post was when Lily shared some observations about the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone audiobook. Perhaps you read it because you were considering purchasing and listening to the recording for Potter Month?

Potter Month- My Platform 9 3-4 Shop Wishlist

POTTER MONTH: My Platform 9 3/4 Shop Wishlist

Our first Potter Month post was when Alice shared her Platform 9 3/4 shop wishlist, and she picked out some great items Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what item you really want!


POTTER MONTH: 5 Harry Potter Confessions

Sure, we love Harry Potter, but we felt like we couldn’t let the month past without making a few confessions. Lily and Alice shared their less popular opinions about the series, and some of you agreed and some even added your own!



Our final Potter Month post was more of a photo essay, and we shared pictures of references to the month of July in our Harry Potter books. It was a bit of a random idea, but we’d love to know how you felt about it!


Interestingly enough, even some of our older Harry Potter posts gained some new views. If you’re looking for more content about the wizarding world, including DIY tutorials, news about the films and cast, and information about Pottermore, check out these posts!

Wow, it seems we really do write about Harry Potter a lot. That’s why we need your help! These posts are all over the place and we’re happy about that, but we’d also like to know what kind of content you most enjoy. We’d love it if you would leave a comment with your favorite post of ours — either from Potter Month or our Harry Potter posts generally — and tell us why you like it and if there’s anything you’d love to see us cover.

Until then…Mischief Managed!



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