Cratejoy Fandom Month: Charm With Me Club Unboxing

We were recently contacted by Cratejoy to review some of their subscription boxes since the theme for July is Fandom month! We looked through the huge catalog of boxes that they had to offer, and found so many appealing options that it was hard not to be greedy and ask to review them all! Colette at Cratejoy has been great, and since she sent us three different boxes, we’ll be doing three different reviews.

Disclaimer: While Cratejoy did send me these boxes, I have not been paid to provide a review. All opinions are my own.


Charm With Me Club offers geeky charms that fans can mix and match depending on their mood or their current fandom obsession. I’ve never had a charm bracelet before, but I needn’t have been worried, because in your first subscription, Charm with Me Club sends you a bracelet for your charms! (I received the double wrap lace bracelet, so I’ll be able to fit double the charms!)

The theme I received was “Civil War,” Charm With Me’s subscription from April 2016. In addition to the charm bracelet (that came in a custom Charm With Me Club cloth bag), there were two charms and a Captain America: Civil War postcard.


The first charm was a double-sided charm with Captain America’s shield on one side and Iron Man’s arc reactor on the other. Now I don’t have to choose sides!



The second charm was a Spiderman charm, which was perfect, because he was actually my favorite part of Captain America: Civil War.


If you love geeky themes and charms, this would be a fantastic subscription for you. I’ve looked through the Charm With Me Club website, and discovered that they have had other awesome themes in the past — Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Girl on Fire — and it just so happens that the theme for August is “Eye of Sauron”!

cratejoy_2I have only recently dipped my toe into the ocean of subscriptions that are out there (I receive one tea subscription and one geeky subscription every month), and I know that it can be a bit daunting. I didn’t want to throw away money on boxes that might only include one or two items that I liked out of the whole lot. If you’re looking for something but don’t know where to start or don’t know if there is a box out there that caters to your tastes, I definitely recommend browsing through the many options at Cratejoy. You’re bound to find something that you’ll love!

You can read my review of Geek Chic Monthly, another Cratejoy provided box, here!


8 thoughts on “Cratejoy Fandom Month: Charm With Me Club Unboxing

  1. Whitney says:

    I’m just now starting to do the subscription box thing, but the only one I currently subscribe to is Barkbox for my dogs! (I also do StitchFix and Rocksbox but they are different than the traditional subscription concept.) I love all of the geeky options that Cratejoy has to offer!

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