Potter Month: 5 Harry Potter Confessions


It’s Potter Month and we’re joining Kristin and Megan, the creators of 5 Fandom Friday, in Harry Potter themed posts all throughout July! You can read our Potter Month posts and all of our other 5 Fandom Friday posts here.

While we obviously wouldn’t participate if we didn’t enjoy the books and movies, there are still a handful of things that bother us. Alice and Lily share their 5 Harry Potter Confessions below.

Alice: I have a couple of unpopular opinions concerning Harry Potter.

1. I still don’t like Snape, I can’t help myself but hating him for all his bullying behaviors with Neville, Harry and all the others, even when they weren’t necessary for his role. Also I always thought his love for Lily Potter wasn’t romantic, but a bit creepy in my opinion. So, yeah, I can’t call him a hero and I can’t forgive him.


2. Another confession is that I never liked the couple Harry-Ginny, not sure why, but I think that unfortunately movie-Ginny completely ruined the character. I don’t blame Bonnie Wright, I just don’t get why they made her play the character in that way!

Lily: Now it’s my turn to confess!


3. I don’t like Michael Gambon’s Dumbledore. Like Alice and her feelings toward Ginny, I’m sure that Gambon was given notes from the directors of the later films, but he doesn’t work for me. I loved Richard Harris as Dumbledore–for me, he was the absolute perfect choice.


4. Before I started reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I had heard that somebody was going to die in the book. I decided I was going to be okay if it was Neville. (Neville?! What was wrong with me?) Of course, as the book progressed, I decided that no one was allowed to harm Neville and no one besides Umbridge was allowed to die.



5. I do not like nor can I fathom how Hermione was smitten with Gilderoy Lockhart. I don’t need her to be perfect all the time, but I just can’t see her falling for Lockhart’s “charms” when she prizes knowledge and learning so highly.


Well, fellow denizens of the internet, you know what the comments are for. Disagree with us! Complain with us! Add your own confessions!


7 thoughts on “Potter Month: 5 Harry Potter Confessions

  1. Giovana @ Corazones Literarios says:

    I feel the same way about Snape. I can’t forgive him, not matter what I know about him now; yes, I cry everytime I read or watch that part of his memories but that doesn’t change bad he treated Harry and the others… I thought like you about Ginny-Harry (I also do’t like movie Ginny, while I also don’t blame Bonnie) but at the end, I just accept it no matter how much I want he end with Hermione… Speaking about her, I feel the same way about Hermione and her Lockhart crush; I don’t understand it, she’s so logical and kind of snob about knowladge to be fair, so that doen’t fit into her personality at all.

    Great post girls!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lily says:

      I did so much bargaining, that I probably went through all the characters, haha! Thanks for making me feel less evil. 😉


  2. James M. says:

    Killing off Hedwig was too cruel, I think. That is the one death I think was too harsh. Especially as Harry had already lost so much. OTOH, life is often like that.

    Hermione has a crush on Lockhart because, I think, he represents knowledge and the trouble taken to acquire it. She is not always a good judge of character – how many twelve year-olds are ?


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