5 Fandom Friday: Smart Phone Apps I’m Loving


Happy Friday! We Travelling Geeks have decided to join 5 Fandom Friday — a weekly nerdy link up where bloggers share a personalized top 5 list based on a given topic. Read the 5 Fandom Friday origin story here.

For today I chose a topic I already used on my blog few months ago, but I thought I might change the title a little bit and share with you my funny/geeky apps I’m loving to use on my tablet (you can find these apps both on Android and iOS).

top 5 apps

1.Neko Atsume

This is a game for cat lovers and crazy cat ladies just like me, in fact is called also kitty collector. Basically you have a yard (and then also a room inside the house) where you have to put some food and random objects to attract cats. They will pay you back with fishes (that you can barter for the decorations) and mementos, there are also rare cats and your purpose is to find them all. I’m so addicted to this game! I still have to find two rare cats. 🙂

2. Duolingo

I started studying German at university a couple of years ago, but then I had to stop for several reasons. So I decided to improve my very basic skills with this app, it’s nice because you can choose how much time you want to dedicate to it each day and they will adjust the exercizes for you.

3. The Hobbit Companion

I remember when this app has been annouced, I think I even wrote the article on Middle-earth News about it, I was so sad, since I couldn’t download it on my iPhone because it was huge and also too heavy for my old device. But, when I received my tablet for Christmas, it was one of the first apps I downloaded! I love exploring Middle-earth, reading about the characters and the places and answering to (easy) trivia questions! 😉

4. TVShow Time

I’m a TV series appreciator and I always forget the number of the episodes I have to watch, especially when I’m marathoning the TV shows I own in DVD. This app also has a calendar that lets you know when the episode will be aired.

5. Faerie Mag

I love everything about fairy tales and I was so sad to discover that shippings to Europe were super expensive for my favorite paper magazine, Faerie Mag. Thankfully Lily sent me the Fall issue for my birthday last year, but it’s nice to be able to read the mag directly from my tablet now, thanks to their great app!

What are your favorite smartphone/tablet apps?


3 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Smart Phone Apps I’m Loving

    • Alice says:

      It’s a great app, unfortunately it only supports English-German, while my mother tongue is Italian, so it’s a bit complicated to learn in English for me. 🙂


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