This Week’s Lotro Adventure: Gondor Calls for Aid

It is no secret that we love LOTRO, but it has been a while since we fangirled about our digital Middle-earth adventures. So I today, I felt like writing about my recent adventures and achievements.

My main character, a hobbit hunter named Lilloa, reached level 95 recently (level cap is 105 right now). Now, I know that there are countless people that are able to the reach level cap with their characters within a few days. I’m not one of them, I like to take my time. So for me, to reach such a high level for the very first time is exciting.


Lilloa in Dol Amroth

A few days ago, I’ve purchased the West Gondor & East Gondor quest packs, because I’ve completed all quests (incl. most epic quests) in Rohan. Ever since I’ve started LOTRO, all I wanted was to see Edoras and Fangorn Forest and now I did. It feels so strange having to ‘move on’ to Gondor. For now, I’m still questing in Entwood in order to get enough Fangorn leaves to be able to purchase a huorn pet, but I’ve already started to explore West & East Gondor.

In the recent months I’ve came to the realization that I’m a landscape explorer. Some love to grind (levelling up as fast as possible), others have role-playing as their priority, and I love to explore the online world (in this case Middle-earth). So, of course, as soon as my character’s level was high enough to visit Gondor (safely), I left Rohan and explored this ‘unknown’ territory.

My first stop was Dol Amroth and I was blown away. I mean, can we just appreciate this beauty?


Dol Amroth

Afterwards, I wanted to see Minas Tirith. So I purchased a ride and spend some ‘sight-seeing’ there. Once again, LOTRO didn’t disappoint with their design (in my opinion). Just in the case of other parts in LOTRO, I love the music and how LOTRO Middle-earth looks different to Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth.


The White Tree in Minas Tirith

I’m very curious to start questing properly in Gondor and what the epic quest chain will bring.


The Citadel in Minas Tirith

Anyone of you on LOTRO? If so, which is your favorite region so far? If you could visit any place in Middle-earth (LOTRO and other adaptations) which place would it be? Leave us a comment!


4 thoughts on “This Week’s Lotro Adventure: Gondor Calls for Aid

  1. Clay says:

    I have not been very far as my Captain is only level 14 and still in the Breelands, helping two hobbits hopefully fall in love. But Bree is a very pretty town!


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