Obsession O’Clock: Lost


I love TV series, I usually watch them after dinner and I like to mix things up (Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, The Flash…), since the best part of it is the length of the episodes, super handy, better the movies, when you end your days super tired or with tons of stuff to do.

Just a little bit of backstory. Lost is the only TV series I ever watched with my dad, we both loved it since the very first episode and we’ve been lucky enough to watch all the six seasons on TV. I live in Italy and my family doesn’t have satellite television, so we usually find only old stuff to watch, and when they launch a new series (which is never new because it aires one or two years later after US) it usually never arrives at end because of lack of audience, like Desperate Housewives, ugh. Another option would be Netflix, it arrived in Italy before Christmas, but our internet connection is too slow, so only people in the main cities can actually use it. The end.

Obsession O'Clock - Lost

So, I watched all the seasons of Lost with my dad, starting in 2004/5 and I decided to purchase him all the DVDs for his birthday and Christmas last year. Now that he finished them all, it’s my turn! I started watching the first season last week and I couldn’t be more excited, it’s like the first time I watched it and I always find myself thinking “oh it’s already over” at the end of any episode! That’s incredible, since it doesn’t happen quite often to me lately.

I also love that DVDs include behind the scenes, interviews and casting footage, they all look so young! Special contents like these are one of the things I prefer in the world. They let me fangirl even more! When I watched it ten years ago I was excited for Dominic Monaghan, because I love LOTR and he played Merry, I also remember that I had a crush for Jack, the doctor played by Matthew Fox.

So, yeah, this is my current obsession. I realized that I forgot tons of things about the plot during all these years, so it will be even nicer rewatching all the six seasons of this show.

Do you like Lost? What’s your current geeky obsession?


17 thoughts on “Obsession O’Clock: Lost

  1. Anna's Bananas says:

    I love Lost! I too watched it from the day it aired to the day it ended.
    I currently geek out about Jessica Alba’s show, Dark Angel, from 2000. I never watched the show when I was younger but I’m going through a 1990’s/early 2000’s tv show phase. I can’t wait to watch more, find out more about her character and just see where the show goes.


  2. gekitsu says:

    i’m currently on a mission of completely watching star wars: the clone wars. i had only ever caught the odd episode on TV at random (same problem here – stuff is always late, often gets cancelled, and the dubbing is unwatchable), and finally thought i should watch it all.

    this is what’s keeping me stuck in season 16 (of 26) of my mission to watch all of classic doctor who.

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    • princessdeia says:

      I re-watched the Clone Wars. I love that series.

      I adored Lost. I remember when it started thinking all the cast were from other shows I loved (Party of 5, Smallville, Roswell) and this show combined them all with amazing storylines!


  3. Dina Farmer says:

    I loved Lost until I reached season 2 and then everything went downhill after that. I stayed on board because I was hoping the show would get better. Oh well it is what it is. 😦


  4. Lisa says:

    Yeeers! Lost is the best show ever. I love it! Have it all on dvd and rewarched it many times.

    I also followed it on tv from the beginning to end.


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