Celebrate Pancake Day With These Skillet Doodles

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, is on February 9 this year, and it would be the perfect day to treat yourself and get creative with your breakfast (or, if you’ve already had breakfast, there’s nothing wrong with pancakes for dinner)!

There are a few pancake artists you can use for inspiration. Kevin Blankenship was a cartoonist in college, and now that he’s a dad with little spare time, he found a way to indulge his artistic side…while also making breakfast! For more of Kevin’s photos, make sure to follow him on Instagram and on YouTube. Here are a few of his designs:


Another such breakfast artist is Mark Simon, who creates YouTube videos where you can see his pancakes come to life! Enjoy this video of famous cartoon characters that he create in pancake form:

No list of amazing pancake artistry could be complete without including the videos of the father-son duo known as Tiger Tomato. Their YouTube channel is full of colorful, geeky — and most importantly, edible — creations.

Doctor Dan the Pancake Man is the self-professed “World’s First Professional Pancake Artist,” and he prides himself on never turning down a challenge. In addition to showcasing his handiwork with many amazing geeky pancakes, he also does some great likenesses of celebrities, Watch this video with Dan’s pancake tribute to David Bowie, and don’t forget to follow him on YouTube and check out his website.

Has this list inspired you, or have I only succeeded in making you hungry? Tell us in the comments what kind of pancakes you would like to try your hand at!


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