January Nerdy Book Challenge Recap

Throughout January, I’ve participated in an Instagram book challenge. Alexis from @dropandgivemenerdy created the #nerdybookchallenge for January. It was so much fun that I’ve decided to share with you my top 10 posts.

If you want to see all prompts of #nerdybookchallenge, go and visit Alexis’ instagram account!

Top Left: Day 2 – Because of this book, I…
Top Right: Day 6 – Admirable author.
Bottom Left: Day 8 – Vintage book illustration
Bottom Right: Day 10 – Favourite section of your bookshelf

Top Left: Day 18 – Fandomonium
Top Right: Day 21 – Multiple copies
Bottom Left: Day 22 – Heroes
Bottom Right: Day 25 – Nerdy bookmark

Left: Day 28 – Bookish tattoo
Right: Day 29 – Most quoted book

I’ve posted a great variety of books throughout the challenge, but with the exception of one post, all my most-liked images were Tolkien related. Yes, of course this fact makes me very happy.

If you’re interested in my other posts, go and check out my Instagram account!

Have you participated in this challenge? Do you know an upcoming Instagram book challenge I need to know about? Leave a comment down below!


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