Part of Your World – Souvenirs from Italy!

Since we are known as The Travelling Geek Show, you might be surprised to find out that we have never travelled…to each other! Of course, we’d love to one day meet in person, and we’ve talked over some plans that have yet to come to fruition. To tide us over until then, my fellow traveller Alice sent me a Christmas present of souvenirs from a local museum!

By now, you probably know that Alice hails from Italy, but did you also know that she studies archaeology and loves all things old and ancient? That love has sent her to the Museo Egizio in Turin many times. In fact, she has been enamored with the museum since she was a child!


What’s the next best thing to visiting a favorite childhood spot with a friend? A care package with handpicked items just for you! Alice sent me all kinds of goodies: First of all, it’s always nice to get holiday or birthday cards from other countries, because, as small as it might seem, it’s great to view another culture through their greetings cards (or maybe that’s just my love of stationary showing through). And because Alice has been practicing her handlettering (did you see the tea labels she made for me?), even the envelope is a work of art. I have already opened up those Pastiglie Leone candies (and I have to say, the white are my favorite flavor so far), and the Museo Egizio tote bag will soon become my go-to bag. I’ll probably attach the Egyptian-themed pin to it, too. And, even though Alice and I both do plenty of writing online, I think it’s fair to say that we both enjoy writing some things by hand. The Museo Egizio notebook and pencil will certainly come in handy!

What are some of your favorite local spots? Even if we can’t join you in person, we want to read all about why you love them and if you have any favorite souvenirs you’ve brought home from them!


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