Grab Your Own Pottermore 2016 Calendar!


Calendars are my jam. I love planning, but I also love remembering those events that are very important to me, like when the One Ring was distroyed or Harry Potter’s birthday and so on. One day I’ll create a calendar for each fandom on Google Calendar and I’ll share the links here, it’s on my list, it’s a promise.

The other day, I was exploring Pottermore, looking for more interesting stuff, even if the new website (which is basically a blog written by an anonymous writer/blogger) isn’t very interesting to me, when I stumbled upon the second feature on the home page, that says:

Merry Christmas from Pottermore
Enjoy this 2016 calendar featuring some of our favourite moments

And then a link to this amazing calendar. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a proper page to share this file on the whole site (you can only see it in the home page), so I’m just putting the link to the pdf itself.

The images are super high quality and they’d require too much ink to be printed, so my idea is to dismember the calendar, using each page as an image and setting it as wallpaper on my laptop, changing it each month along the year. Hopefully it will work.


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