Twelfth Day of Geekmas: 12 Timelords Regenerating


Welcome back to the last day of 12 Days of Geekmas. This awesome linkup was created by Anna of NerdyAlerty and you can read her original post over >here<.

You might’ve noticed that we left a few days out. It is not because we forgot those days, but because we’re not fans of these fandoms and have nothing to write about. Now, without further ado, here is the last day of Geekmas!

♪ On the Twelfth Day of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

12 Timelords regenerating

One of my newly discovered fandoms is Dr Who. I’ve been watching Dr Who from the Ninth Doctor onwards and so far, I’m loving the Tenth the most. Although, I have to admit that the Twelfth is close to becoming my alltime favourite (grumpy people FTW!). One Doctor I don’t like at all is the Eleventh. Don’t ask me why, I just don’t like him. at. all.


When I was living in Cardiff a few years ago, I’ve visited various movie locations and the Dr Who Experience. I will write up an in-depth review of the Dr Who Experience over on my personal blog in the upcoming weeks, so make sure to pop over to my blog.

Here on Travelling Geek Show, we wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


One thought on “Twelfth Day of Geekmas: 12 Timelords Regenerating

  1. gekitsu says:

    i’m certainly looking forward to reading about the dw experience. 🙂

    regarding new who, i’m with you in noticing how capaldi seems to firmly establish a spot in my heart, and just completely not clicking with smith. i wouldn’t pick a favourite between eccleston and tennant, though. i love them equally, and dearly wish we could have had more than one season for eccleston to shine. eccleston’s traumatic rawness under a veneer of bravado and tennant’s solitude and sadness both need each other, imho.

    i really need to start watching more classic who again. i lost steam during tom baker’s legendary tenure. (for the record: jon pertwee is my favourite classic doctor, and despite some really good moments, tom baker doesn’t do overly much for me)


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