Eighth Day of Geekmas: 8 Replicating Cylons


Welcome back to day 8 of 12 Days of Geekmas. This awesome linkup was created by Anna of NerdyAlerty and you can read her original post over >here<.

♪ On the Eighth Day of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

8 Replicating Cylons

It is a not too well known fact that I’m a huuuge fan of Battlestar Galactica (the new one). I can’t remember when I first watched an episode, all I know is that I was blown away. However, what I can remember is the day I bought the complete limited edition dvd box set that comes with a cylon.


I was randomly walking around our local store called Saturn, selling media and technology,  when I stumbled upon that box set. It took me only a few seconds to make the decision. Looking at the price this box set is sold nowadays, I can consider myself to be lucky.


There is so much I love about this TV series. In my opinion, it brought Sci-Fi on TV to a next level away from the not-too-serious ‘adventure of the week’ premise to a fully developed drama.

Maybe, someday, I’ll rewatch all episodes and do a weekly, summarizing post on each episode sharing my thoughts, something along the lines of a book club. Yes, yes, that sounds good. Would anyone be interested in those posts? Leave a comment down below!


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