First Day of Geekmas: One Ring to Rule Them All

This year, we’re going to celebrate the days before Christmas is a geek and funny way joininh Anna’s 12 Days of Geekmas! You can read all the info about this awesome linkup here.

♪ On the First Day of Geekmas, my fandom gave to me… ♪

One Ring to Rule Them All!

It’s no secret that we, travelling geek girls, love Tolkien’s world, in fact we virtually met each other thanks to our work for Middle-earth News. It’s a natural thing then to send each other Middle-earth themed presents for Christmas and our birthdays.

I’ve been at University all day long on Friday, but coming back home and finding out not one, but two presents from my international friends has been amazing!

Middle-earth Map Necklace

My fellow Middle-earth News reporter, Evie, sent me this amazing necklace with the map of Middle-earth inside! I worn it at school the following day and a couple of class mates noticed it and liked it.

Tree of Gondor

This beautiful card with the White Tree of Gondor is from my fellow travelling geek, Maria. She’s such a talented artist! She also knows me so well…washi tapes and colored pens are, in fact, my jam. 🙂

Are you going/would you like to receive some Middle-earth themed presents this Christmas?


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