Merchandise Monday | OUAT Playing Cards

Happy Monday, friends!

Despite my annoying amount of Tolkien and Harry Potter related items I shared here, you might not know that I’m also a big Once Upon A Time fan! Lily constantly helps me to feed my passion with some nice birthday presents since last year (a new tradition, perhaps? 😉 ).

Last month I received these awesome playing cards inspired by the characters of Once Upon A Time.

Merchandise Monday - OUAT Playing Cards (1)

My card skills are very limited (I usually play UNO), but I know a couple of games I can enjoy with my friends and a solitaire. I love that they chose Rumpelstiltskin as the Joker and Emma as the Ace, oh and I’m also happy that there is Ruby (aka Red Riding Hood)! She’s one of my favorite characters and I was so bummed when they removed her from the main plot. Speaking of which, Lily also sent me Red’s Untold Tale for my birthday and I’m reading in these days, it seems a great story so far!

Merchandise Monday - OUAT Playing Cards (2)

I wish I lived closer to my Travelling Geeks so I could oblidge Lily playing cards with me and force Maria watching the TV series with me. I’m an awesome friend, aren’t I? 😀

Do you like Once Upon A Time? Do you own any OUAT themed merch?


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