Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Harry Potter Platform

Alice here! I’ve just come back home from London, where I spent a week on vacation and a magical birthday, so I thought it would be nice to tell you more about that. Not to brag, but to geek out about Harry Potter!

It was my second time in London and, once again, I didn’t manage to visit the Harry Potter Studios, but I discovered that the nearest place to take a train to Gatwick Airport to come back to Italy was King’s Cross Station. Also, the last day of my vacation was actually my birthday!

I’ve been lucky enough to easily reach King’s Cross station on Tuesday, October 27th in the morning, just after the craziness of people going to work, the place was pretty empty and I almost missed platform 9¾! Then I noticed a guy with a bunch of Hogwarts scarves on his arm and a lady with a professional camera pointing at me, asking if I wanted a photo. Of course I did.


The best thing is that you can snap your own photo at the same time of the photographer, buying theirs is optional, but I did it, because it was 25th birthday and I wanted to celebrate it in a special way. Before posing for the photo, they asked me which was my Hogwarts House, just to let me wear the right scarf, and the photographer was very pleased by my choice! #HufflepuffsUnited

Many people asked me how I managed to have a floating scarf in the picture, the secret is that the Platform 9¾ guy held the end of the scarf and let it go when the photographer snapped the photo. It was just a matter of perfect timing. 🙂

Platform 9 34 Shop

Next to the set, there is the Platform 9¾ Shop and I almost cried visiting it! Everything was perfect, the movie score was welcoming me and there was an entire wall of magic wands. Unfortunately my photos are horrible, but I was emotionally proved carrying my heavy luggages and I had just one free hand to snap the pictures.

Harry Potter Haul

I ended up purchasing a necklace with the Golden Snitch, a box of Bertie Bott’s Flavour Beans and the photo.

Best. Birthday. Ever.


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