How to Celebrate an Orcish Halloween on LOTRO

orkish halloween

Here on Travelling Geek Show, we enjoy exploring The Lord of the Rings Online, an MMORPG. A few days ago, Alice gave 5 reasons why everyone should RP in a MMORPG. I’m rather new to RP, but as time moves on, I’m delving more and more into the beautiful world of RP on LOTRO.

With Halloween approaching, one of my all-time favourite holidays, I wanted to dress up my LOTRO character and do some RP. Well, I ended up creating the costume “Isengard Goblin” for my Hobbit Hunter.


Say ‘Hi’ to Lilloa, my Hobbit Hunter on the server Landroval

I like to imagine how Halloween is a special holiday for Orcs and Goblins alike and how they get the day off to celebrate with their fellow creatures of the dark. For my faux Isengard Goblin, I decided to have him (why yes, my Isengard Goblin is male and his name is Bob) to have a little sight-seeing tour throughout Middle-earth. Of course it wouldn’t be an Orkish sight-seeing if it weren’t with a twist!


Bob says ‘Hi’

Just a small-town Goblin

Once upon a time, Isengard’s  newest intern Bob, a small-town Goblin from a tiny settlement in Angmar, decided to use his day off well by doing some sight-seeing.


‘Goodbye Saruman, goodbye Ugluk, and also goodbye to you, Alfonso!’

Saying goodbye to his new friends wasn’t easy, but Bob was determined to proceed with his journey. His first destination was Moria, a place he wanted to visit for a long time. However, before exploring Moria’s top tourist attractions, Bob decided to visit is cousin Frank.

Taking the midnight train to Moria


‘Good ol’ Frank, hasn’t changed at all!’

After a cuppa tea and exchanging some news, Bob went on to explore Moria. With the newest edition of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Moria at hand,  Bob stopped to take some snapshots with Moria’s No.1 attraction, according to his travel guide – the Chamber of Mazarbul.


‘Alfonso will never believe me where I’ve been!’

The glorious battle for the Chamber of Mazarbul, one giant achievement for orcs among many giant leaps for orckind! Bob’s last stop in Moria was at the Bridge of Khazad-dum.


‘Roar! I’m a Balrog!’

Bob could’ve spend weeks exploring Moria, but the day is short and still had two destinations on his list. For a long time, Bob heard stories of the great Barrow-downs, a place full of haunted fun!


Bob laments: ‘So much to explore, yet so little time’

After a long day of travelling across Middle-earth, Bob has only one place left he wants to visit – his home in Angmar! After months of Isengard’s canteen food, there is nothing better than Mama Goblin’s home-cooked Man-flesh!


‘Til we meet again, my friendo’

Bob, alongside Travelling Geek Show, wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!


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