DIY Death Eater Mask

There are many amazingly talented cosplayer out there. At every con, there seems to be one cosplayer after another with a breath-taking cosplay. Me? I’m not one of them, thats for sure. I can’t sew and never did any elaborate crafts whatsoever. Even though I do know a few people who are trained dressmakers and tailors, but they are busy and can’t just stop doing everything just because I want a cosplay. Someday, I’m determined, I’ll learn how to sew and will start doing my own elaborate cosplays. Until then, I’ll do some impromtu wannabe costumes.

For this year, I had the urge to create a Death Eater mask (bad guys need love too). However, I have neither the time nor the talent to do an elaborate decent looking mask such as instructed in this tutorial or this fiberglass mask tutorial. So here is my  easy DIY Death Eater Mask (& Costume)

 death eater marquee

Step 1: Gather the Materials

For my Death Eater mask, I used a pre-made mask from an arts & crafts store in Germany called Idee Creativmark, some acrylic silver paint, acrylic black paint, a pencil, and a brush. The overall costs were roughly 8€ for me because I’ve only needed to purchase the mask and the silver paint.

Step 2: Create the Design


I didn’t want to copy any particular Death Eater design, so I looked at all the official designs and created my own version. Before doing any sketches on the mask itself, I played around with the design on a piece of paper until I was happy.

Step 3: The Paint


Then I applied the black and silveracrylic paint on my mask, and voila a new Death Eater was born! As you can see, during the painting process, I’ve got carried away a bit and made some spontaneous changes to the design

Step 4: The Final Costume


Jewelry detail

For the costume I’ve used only cloth and jewelry I’ve already owned. I used a black maxi dress, dozens of belts, some gauntlets, fingerless gloves, and a cloak done by my sister. A few years ago, my sister made that cloak for a Ouran High School Host Club cosplay of Umehito Nekozawa.

Sure, this is nothing compared to all those other amazing Death Eater cosplays out there, but it is a nice, easy, and affordable alternative if you’re running out of time. Plus, it is also a great tutorial for kids….if there are any that like to dress up as Death Eaters…


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