Merchandise Monday | Legolas-s-s

Here at Travelling Geek Show are all huge Tolkien fans. I (Alice) am a lazy boring person, so I keep sharing pieces of my Tolkien collection (I apologize if you don’t like LOTR and The Hobbit!).

Today I want to show you the magical trio: Legolas, Legolas and Legolas!

Merchandise Monday - Legolas-s-s

Well, he was (and still is!) my childhood crush and Orlando Bloom is one of my favorite actors, so, ya know, I’m a bit obsessed with him…and my friends know that well! My fellow travelling geek Maria sent me my very first Legolas (the one in the middle) last year as birthday present. I was so extremely excited that I even started a series of photo-adventures.

Then my other fellow travelling geek, Lily, sent me the Funko POP! Legolas and it’s so cute!!! It resides on my shelf and sometimes likes to hang out with his fellow Funko POP! Smaug.

The last one is a Helm’s Deep action figure sent me as Christmas present by Arwen. It has tons of weapons and a Uruk-hai shield with…wheels. I know, right?!!


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