Merchandise Monday | Mallorn Leaf Brooch

Merchandise Monday is now a thing here at the Travelling Geek Show and every week I’m so excited to see what merch my friends will show here on the blog, because, ya know, I’m a fangirl.

This week I want to show you one of my precious items from my Tolkien collection, probably the most precious one, because Middle-earth is my main fandom and Harry Potter comes just after, so you’ll probably see a boring selection of merch from me.

Mallorn Leaf Brooch by Noble Collcetion

This beauty is the Mallorn Leaf Brooch replica by the Noble Collection and I received it last year as Birthday gift from one of my best friends who asked my mom what there was in my Amazon wishlist. I always been obsessed by that brooch since I watched The Fellowship of the Ring, I even created my own “leaf” when I was about 12 and movie merch wasn’t a reachable thing here in Italy.

Mallorn Leaf Brooch Box

It looks even better in person, it also has a small hook so it can work both as a brooch and a pendant, but it’s so beautiful that I’ve never worn it, because I’m afraid to ruin or lose it! It came with a gorgeous blue little box with the One Ring inscription in gold foil.


6 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday | Mallorn Leaf Brooch

  1. Tonya K says:

    Very pretty. I enjoyed The Lord of the Rings movies, but confess they are still on my to read list. I’m making my way through The Wheel of Time first. If you like Lord of the Rings, you’d probably like that series, too.


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