Grab Your Own Pottermore Certificate!

Fellow Potterheads, brace yourselves, because the magic world of Pottermore is about to change and improve!

According to their official announcement, we’ll have a brand new site to visit and an online experience to enjoy during the next few months, so they are offering us a customized certificate for a limited time frame.

pottermore announcement

You can see the official notification on Pottermore and you can grab your own copy of the certificate here (you must be logged in or create a profile)!

Here is mine, the nickname is silly and long and it’s in italian, because I created my profile with my mother language selected way back in 2012. I’m not a very good player there (I never completed a potion), but I explored all the chapters of the books and read all JK Rowling’s exclusive new contents. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Pottermore Certificate

Did you download your own certificate?


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