Merchandise Monday | Ghostbusters Funko Pop Vinyls

Ah, yes Monday. The most beloved day of the week, as I have heard. Instead of drowning in despair, let’s focus on the more sweeter aspects in life, such as geeky merchandise. Well, and coffee of course. Our friends over at Fangirls on the Road invited us to join their Merchandise Monday and in the last two weeks, Lily and Alice introduced their beloved merchandise items.

Last week, Lily showed us a beautiful Bag End miniature while Alice showed us, the week prior to Lily, her interactive Marauder’s Map.


I’ve been pondering for almost a week now and I’m still torn. My first instinct was to grab something from my beloved Tolkien collection. Many beloved items in my Tolkien collection were actually presents given by my fellow travelling geeks Lily and Alice! Then, I thought about showing some of my most recent additions to my growing Harry Potter collection (Again, thank you Alice and Lily!). All the while, two little vinyl figures sat next to my desk, on a shelf, watching me.

It is no surprise by now that I’m a huge Ghostbusters fan, but up until a year ago I owned no Ghostbusters merchandise whatsoever. When I finally decided to get the Venkman and Spengler Funko Pop Vinyls (my only Funko Pop figures up to date, by the way!), it was a rather special moment and thats why I decided to highlight them.

As a child, I had only a few self recorded VHS cassettes of my favourite movies. I was too young when the second Ghostbusters movie came out and not on this planet when the first one came out, so by the time I discovered this franchise on TV, some time in the 90’s, the hype and merchandise was long gone. The internet wasn’t a thing yet, so there was no way for me to get my hand(s) on any type of merchandise. Apart from Disney stuff. You cannot escape Disney stuff.

I watched the movies over and over again until the self-recorded VHS cassettes slowly began to lose quality. I loved the Ghostbusters because they were rather different to most other movie heroes. They were geeks, awkward, irresponsible, and oh so out of shape. To watch them stumble into adventures and be the heroes made me feel as if I could be a hero someday too (thats why I can’t wait to see the all-female re-boot!). And yes, as I grew older, I began to develop a crush on Spengler and Venkman.

Over the years, my love for Middle-earth grew and many other of my geeky fandoms were somehow put aside. Even though the other geeky passions would resurface now and then, it wasn’t until the news broke of Harold Ramis’s death that I was painfully reminded of how much I loved the Ghostbusters and how much they’ve shaped me.

I still need to get the rest of the gang and my Ghostbusters collection will always remain rather small, but I love these few pieces I do own very dearly.

6 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday | Ghostbusters Funko Pop Vinyls

  1. gekitsu says:

    hehe, this is one of the things that turn up in your feed and you just know who wrote it by the picture alone 🙂

    what really strikes a chord with me here is the strong case you make for the things we love deeply, but not in the way that takes up a lot of time, or shelf space, or any other kind of ‘externalisation’. maybe that’s because they lend themselves less to ongoing online discussion, or there is not as coherent a fandom group, no conventions or other activities, no huge lines of collectables, not much beyond the direct source material, or whatever reason else. we love them no less deeply than our ‘big ones’, but in a more silent manner, so that we can actually lose sight of how much we love them when things get a bit hectic

    the ghostbusters funkos are super adorable, but i especially love that they stand for what our less loud fandoms don’t usually get: a dedicated shout-out. 🙂


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