Ghostbusters vs. Ghostbusters

Almost two months ago, I wrote about the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot and my fears. In short, while I have mixed feelings about a reboot in general, I hope(d) that the movie featuring a female team will kick ass. Yesterday, I’ve come to the personal conclusion that the movie is doomed, no matter how much talent and effort will go into the female-led Ghostbusters movie.

Yesterday, the news broke that Sony plans a ‘guy-themed’ Ghostbusters movie as a ‘companion’ to the ‘female-themed’ Ghostbusters movie.

First of all, WTF!? It’s bad enough that LEGO and other toy companies feel the need to divide toys into ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ -themed stuff, forcing children into categories of ‘what they ought to like’ and ‘how to behave or not to behave’. Now, some feel the need to create movies with the same premise specifically for men and specifically for women because viewers are, apparently, that narrow-minded and stupid. Don’t you realize what will happen if audiences are forced to watch a female-led Ghostbusters movie? Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living togethermass hysteria! All around the world the brains of dudebros would explode if they were expected to watch a *gasp* female-led movie!

But in all seriousness, this news about a so called ‘guy-themed’ Ghostbusters worries and angers me. Call me pessimistic, but I have the feeling that it is very likely that the ‘guy-themed’ Ghostbusters will probably receive a greater funding and better marketing and/or if the ”guy-themed’ version will earn more at the box office many will claim that ‘it’s because audiences are not ready for a female-led movie’ and/or that ‘female-led movies aren’t that good anyway’. I really can’t imagine anything but a financial ‘rivalry’ between the movies.

Personally, I’m tempted to boycott both movies, but will probably watch the so called ‘female-themed’ version just to make a point. My hopes for a cool and amazing reboot are, however, gone.


3 thoughts on “Ghostbusters vs. Ghostbusters

  1. gekitsu says:

    when i read that yesterday evening, i felt that was the single most spineless way to deal with the decision of making the all-women ghostbusters film. before the dude companion film announcement, i was ready to give them some goodwill because announcing the all-women film was a decision they didn’t have to make that way, had they just wanted to not upset the mouthbreathers among the potential customers. (how sad is that, by the way?) maybe i’m naive, but i figured they needed to have bigger plans for the female ghostbusters team than shortselling them as the daughters of the original team, exchanging prada handbags for proton packs. because why bother with the predictable fits this is making the morons have? bah!

    i can’t imagine how they could have undercut the impression of their belief in their own film any more. this won’t be cats and dogs living together, this will be “his” and “hers” versions of films. fallback versions for when you can’t be bothered to engage some notion of the director’s vision. and that over something that shouldn’t be a big deal to begin with. can’t wait for the louis pasteur biopic, anti-vaxxer edition.

    i’m angry about everything in this. the spinelessness, the bowing to the lowest common denominator, the treason against creators for a few puny dollars.

    yesterday’s reaction, 140 character version: fuck this shit, fuck the fucking moron who thought it up, and fuck the motherfucking horse he rode in on.

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