3 Geeky Instagrams You Should Be Following – Action Figures

They say that limitations spark creativity, and I think some of the best places to see this rule in effect are in social media. Whether it’s through the restriction of Twitter’s character limit or Instagram’s confinement to square photos, people find a great way to create art and convey meaning through limitations. Here at the Travelling Geek Show, we all have our preferred social media platforms. I really enjoy Instagram, and it seems like I’m finding awesome new accounts to follow every day. Today, I’d like to share some users who use their action figures to re-create our favorite scenes or make us laugh with some clever juxtaposition. trooper_tevin_501st_Instagram Stormtrooper Tevin (TK-914) describes himself as “Single dad from Endor who enjoys working on his tie fighter, attending pod races and taking out rebel scum.” In his Instagram feed, you’ll find a lot of Dark Side tomfoolery with the oft-maligned  Stormtroopers playing the lead roles. animateted_Instagram Instagram user animateted has action figures spanning all corners of geekdom — from Muppets to Disney, from Star Trek to comic book heroes, and everything in between. No matter your fandom, there’s bound to be a photo for you! thejoshtime_instagram My pal @thejoshtime has an epic collection of Lord of the Rings action figures, and though he’s relatively new to Instagram, he’s been sharing photos on his Twitter for a while. So far, he has re-created some scenes from the films so well that as I quickly scrolled through my feed, I thought someone was just sharing screencaps from the movies. Check these accounts out! If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more from us about geeky social media accounts, let us know in the comments which platforms and apps are your favorites!


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