If We Were Having Coffee | February 28, 2015

Photo by my fellow travelling geek, Alice! Available on stationary, iPhone skins, and more!

Photo by my fellow travelling geek, Alice! Available on stationary, iPhone skins, and more!

What a wonderful Saturday! Come on in and enjoy a coffee (or tea) with me. Each week, we travelling geeks will invite you for a nice (virtual) geeky get-together over a hot beverage of your choice. You can read Lily’s previous entry over here and Alice’s here.

  • If we were having coffee I’d admit that I’m not a fan of tabletop games. It’s less the fact that I don’t like it, no one in my family or none of my friends are into tabletop games. Apart from monopoly, I’ve never played any tabletop game. I’d like try one but I don’t know which one to purchase. So if we were having coffee, I’d ask you for any recommendations, especially if there are any Lord of the Rings related ones you’d recommend.
  • If we were having coffee, I’d ask you about your favourite vlogging channels, apart from the webseries Tabletop. I’d tell you how, since I’m no longer watching TV, vloggers became my new entertainment. First I’d recommend you Wisecrack’s two series ‘Thugnotes’ and ‘8-bit Philosophy ‘. I could go on explain you everythoing, but it would be easier if you just take a look. Another channel I’m obsessed with is Cracked, especially their ‘After Hours’ series. My personal favourite human being on Youtube is Dael Kingsmill. I admire and love her crazyness. If we were having coffee I’d ask you whether you’ve seen any of my recommendations and if you have one I need to see.
  • If we were having coffee, I’d tell you everything about my current Harry Potter obsession. I love Harry Potter almost as much as I love Middle-earth, but I tend to focus all my attention ( & money) on Middle-earth. Once in a while I get obsessed, as in ‘can’t stop thinking about anything else’, and need to share this love. Of course I’d ask you which house you belong to or want to belong to. I’m a proud Slytherin through and through! While I’d immediately tell you that not every Slytherin is bad, I’d be probably among those that would’ve supported Lord Voldemort. Now you’d probably look at me in fear, wondering how to escape. There are plenty of good reasons to hate Death Eaters, but you have to admit that they know how to make an entrance. Also, we all want to be bad sometimes, right?… Right???
  • If we were having coffee, I’d tell you everything about how amazing some fanvideos are. Fanart, fanfiction, and cosplay receive tremendous attantion, but it seems as if fanvideos are frequently overlooked despite some very talented people out there. I understand why many fanvideos are being deleted due to copyright issue, yet I mourn every time an amazing one suddenly dissapears. Since I’m currently obsessed with Harry Potter and bad guys, I’d show you two videos I’m watching on repeat for days.

9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee | February 28, 2015

  1. Diana says:

    There are some good gaming recs in our Once a Month Gamer series at the Monster, and Lyn (who writes those) would I’m sure be able to give you some more specific board game recommendations!

    My family plays a lot of games, but only a few of them are board games—we generally play card or domino games.

    And oh, Harry Potter, how I love thee. 🙂


  2. Robin Rivera says:

    I love tabletop games, and Tabletop the show! We play tons of Castle Panic and Munchkin in our house. I also love Thugnotes and 8 Bit Philosophy. My kids learn new things on 8 Bit that shock the heck out of me. I just got turned on to Adult Wednesday Addams and it just might be my new favorite YouTube show!
    Thanks for coffee.


    • Maria says:

      I’ve just discovered Adult Wednesday Addams and omg, love her! Ok I have no idea about Castle Panic and Munchkin, but I’ll look into it and see if either of those are something for me. Thanks for the recommendations =)!


  3. gekitsu says:

    i’m in the same boat, re tabletop games. no-one here is playing them, so i’m loving them from a distance. it does help that a games writer i followed for a long time (quintin smith) branched out from “rock, paper, shotgun” to his own tabletop games blog called “shut up and sit down.”
    a very good friend and me pondered whether we should set up accounts for a system that allows playing board games online. we both like the idea of wargaming, but it might just be too unwieldy to fit in our schedules. and whenever we are at the same place, we are busy scheduling when to go to the archery range anyway. (he’s also my archery buddy and the only other guy in the club shooting old fashioned wood bows)

    vlog wise, my main vice is tested.com, if that counts as a vlog. it’s nerdy in mostly the right ways for me and they have adam savage. adam savage is probably my patron saint or something. i’ve not seen any of your recommendations, but dael kingsmill looks like she’s awesome indeed.

    re harry potter: i’m in the weird position of having seen some of the films (but remember more of the atmosphere than actual plot) and not having read the books. but half of my family has read them so there is some potter fallout to feed from.
    i am most likely a ravenclaw minus the extreme academic competitiveness. i love smart solutions for their own sake, and because they usually save me time and work. i value eccentric interests because they are an escape from conventionality’s boredom. i might have sympathies for some slytherin traits, though, such as disregard for (the written word versus their actual meaning and specific consequence in any given instance of certain) rules.

    ’til next week, my fellow geeks.


    • Maria says:

      ohhh I really need to devote some time on tested.com!
      Regarding Harry Potter, I’ve resisted the hype for the longest time ‘just because’. Eventually I decided to read the books to find out why everyone loves them so much and I can honestly say that JK Rowling is a great writer. It’s always worth giving it a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised. If not, that’ll be perfectly OK too =)


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