If We Were Having Coffee | January 31, 2015

Photo by my fellow travelling geek, Alice! Available on stationary, iPhone skins, and more!

Photo by my fellow travelling geek, Alice! Available on stationary, iPhone skins, and more!

Last week, Lily began the series ‘If we were having coffee’ here on The Travelling Geek Show and this week it is my turn to invite you into my home for a coffee! Part of my conversation topics will be a response to Lily’s last week, so make sure to read hers too! Now, make yourself comfortable and enjoy this fine Saturday!

  • If we were having coffee, I’d admit that although I’ve watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, I haven’t seen every episode and no episode of Legend of Korra. If you’d ask me, I’d proudly declare that I’d like to be a proud earth bender (without being able to explain why exactly).
  • If we were having coffee, I’d tell you everything about my latest LOTRO adventures. How I struggle to gain levels to finally leave Moria. How my level 58 Hobbit Hunter can’t wait to explore Lothlorien and say ‘Hi’ to Lady Galadriel. Yes, you would have to endure countless screenshots of places I fell in love with in LOTRO. Since I’m new to MMO gaming, I’d then ask you if you could recommend other MMOs for me.
  • If we were having coffee, I’d ask you about your geeky childhood heroes only to talk nonstop about mine! I’d begin with how I always wanted to be Egon Spengler and Peter Venkman from The Ghostbusters while, at the same time, I also wanted to date them (and still do!). Early on, I wanted to be as cool as they were and obtain a Phd (another thing that I still want).  I’d also tell you how Indiana Jones’ heroic adventures made me want to become an archaeologist when I grew up…Until I actually grew up and realized that the life of an archaeologist is nothing like that of Indy.
  • If we were having coffee, I’d ask you if you’d ever heard of (or even read!?) China Mieville’s books. A few years ago I’ve read Embassytown and was so enthralled by it that I’ve immediately bought his book The City & The City. Since I’ve been so unbelievably busy I’m still reading The City & The City (and love every bit of it). If China Mieville is unknown to you, I wouldn’t let you go without showing the following video, hoping you’ll start reading Embassytown as well!

9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee | January 31, 2015

  1. Lily says:

    Thanks for sharing the coffee, Maria. I’m glad you’re an earthbender; I’d totally be a waterbender, so we have the start of a great bending team! Just in case I want to respond to some of these in a later edition of “If we were having coffee,” I won’t say too much more…except that I’m proud of your Hobbit Hunter! 🙂

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  2. Robin Rivera says:

    Fun post. I’m not too into MMOs. I’ll take Peter over Egon. I worked as archaeologist for a while, and you’re right it’s not like the movies. Unless you count the classroom parts. : ) And I am China Mieville fan. Thanks for coffee.


  3. gekitsu says:

    this is what i get for not checking in here regularly. i miss interesting questions.
    late answers:

    i’d absolutely listen with interest to your LOTRO adventures with accompanying snapshot slideshow because i do like the idea of MMOs: a huge space with interesting things to do and to almost live a parallel life in. in practice, i stopped playing multiplayer things years ago because people. nowadays, i may get the occasional visitor to challenge me to a match of street fighter 3, and every once in a while i lose myself in minecraft. minecraft and elder scrolls pretty much fill my thirst for “playing life.” right now, also a little mount & blade. curiously enough, in both skyrim and mount & blade, i ended up a morally questionable, freelancing troublemaker girl.

    geeky childhood heroes… that’s actually hard. as a kid, i was mostly into marvel superheroes (always a toss-up between spider-man, venom and carnage. i went as venom one carnival, though! a very tiny, stick-thin venom.) and of course TMNT: how can one resist the combination of ninja stuff, pizza and a comic character that shares my actual name? i never had much of a geeky role model, i just did geeky stuff without really being aware of it.
    as for badass archaeology: i once spent 2 consecutive afternoons bowed over old archaeological journals in our uni library, checking a physicist’s calculations on a neolithic bow artifact because i suspected that a huge blunder by a contemporary archaeologist spawned from a misread of the old calculations. (it did!)
    to top off the badassness, i wore army trousers and combat boots while doing so! indy can eat his hat! 😀

    china miéville is amazing! i have several of his books and recommend them all. i stumbled upon him by a forum stranger’s recommendation, buying perdido street station on a whim. its follow-ups the scar and the iron council play in the same fantasy world and are just lovely and twisted and dark steam-y unwieldy fantasy. (iron council, imho, being a bit weaker than the other two)
    looking for jake is an eclectic mix of short stories, the city & the city is, as you already discovered, a freaking spark of genius and un lun dun is a very loveable YA book that gave his trademark weird twistedness a funny facet. some of the words in it alone make it worth reading.
    kraken is a magnificent, slimy, dark, twisted-twisting-undulating beast/gem with suckered tentacles all over. i really really need to reread it asap for it pulls at too many of my strings at the same time.
    china himself is just a special kind of phenomenon. at first glance, he looks like he pulls arms out of their sockets for fun, but the moment he opens his mouth, he reveals what a colossal book nerd he is.

    for what it’s worth, two books close to my heart that should be read by more people are lud-in-the-mist by hope mirrlees, a very delightfully pre-tolkien jewel of fantasy (if my endorsement isn’t enough, neil gaiman loves it, too!) and throne of the crescent moon by saladin ahmed, a very readable romp for connoisseurs of pulp, with hints of howard and leiber under its heavy scent of 1001 nights. (delightful how he makes a grumpy old geezer his protagonist! why do we have so many wholesome heroes in their prime again?)


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