Geeky Home Decor

As I grow older, my geeky collection increases and with every new piece, I begin to wonder what to do with it. Sure, I could just store it away in a box and take it out just once in a while, but then why bother getting that geeky (and possibly expensive) memorabilia anyway? Another option would be to display everything everywhere. The problem with this method is that your apartment or room can easily end up looking like the room of a 12 year old (if you have enough space to display everything to begin with). I’ll hit the big 30 next year, I don’t want my apartment to look like it belongs to a 12 year old.

Every time I move, and I moved several times in the last two years (and will move another time next month), I start collecting ideas on how to decorate my apartment with geeky items of my various collections and inexpensive DIY items. Yet every time, I struggle to find a solution and end up storing my collections away in boxes. I have the horrid feeling that I’ve lost pieces of my various LEGO sets (The horror! The horror!). The only pieces I display are my two Weta Workshop collectibles and a few (mostly LOTR related) other items here and there.


In the past, my apartment was ‘holiday-themed’. I love to travel more than anything else, yes even more than my entire geeky collection. Over the years, I collected several items during my travels and used them for decorations. I also used posters, images and other items of places I haven’t been to, but would like to go. The colour scheme was mostly earth coloured: shades of brown, green, and bordeaux. Not only do I want to keep that travel décor, I also want to keep that colour scheme. All this makes it difficult to incorporate various fandoms such as LOTR, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Star Wars and so on. Sure, I could start decorating my apartment Wookie and Ewok themed, but do I actually want to? I mean, I sure love my giant 24” Chewie plush ( a birthday present from my bestie), but  no thank you sir, I don’t want a Wookie-themed bedroom.  The easiest fandom to incorporate is LOTR. In the past, I used to go to; they have an entire page dedicated to various Middle-earth home decor ideas, resources, and Middle-earth themed gardening tips! I tend to use Rohan or Hobbit items for decoration because both realms allow home decor that is geeky yet not too obvious at the same time. Weta Workshop is an awesome source for classy merchandise.

One, more general, source of inspiration comes from the Geek & Sundry vlog ‘2 Broke Geeks’

I tried to search the world wide web for inspiration, but to no avail. I find plenty of home decor ideas for nurseries or kids birthday parties, but hardly and suggestions for adults.

For now, I guess, I’ll have to resolve to store most of my items away until I find a decent and inexpensive show-case.


2 thoughts on “Geeky Home Decor

  1. thereforeigeek says:

    Just wrote about the dilemma of displaying geeky memorabilia in mature ways today on Brilliant minds must think alike! I know exactly what you mean about attempting to keep a color/decorating scheme while factoring in favorite fandoms! -t

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